Window Shopping: TJ Maxx

Welcome to part 2 of my new “window shopping” series!

Love it or hate it, but you have to admit that TJ Maxx has some pretty cute clothes. I mean, if you looked at half the styles below, you’d probably assume they were from Nordstrom or Loft when in reality, they’re all $30 or less (but as you can tell, most are $15 or less, which is even better).

While not everyone loves bell sleeves and ruffles, these are all great purchases if you’re on the fence about the trend or just want some causal summer tops that don’t necessarily need to last past this season. They also make great going out shirts as the weather gets cooler–does anyone else struggle with what to wear to the bar after it gets too cold for just a tank top? 

While TJ Maxx charges for shipping for orders under $89, you could either order a bunch of pieces and then return any unwanted items to your local store (super easy) or sign up for their email list and get free shipping on your first order. If you’re already on their email list, stay tuned because free shipping is offered pretty frequently. If only you could order items and pick them up at a store nearby, but we all know that the nature of these places basically revolves around the concept of going, going, gone! While I’ve found that this is somewhat true for the website (items won’t be online forever), the turnover isn’t necessarily as quick as you may expect (meaning you probably have between 1 and 2 weeks to order one of these shirts before they disappear!).

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