6 Closet Staples I Can’t Live Without

Welcome back to reality, all! Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Mine was full of relaxing (lots of naps), work at my part-time job, packing for my upcoming move (more on that once I actually have deets about where I’ll be living, ha–but I’m staying in DC, just changing neighborhoods!), seeing a few friends, scheduling some blog posts, writing a freelance piece, and enjoying a free birthday spin class (whew!). Last week was insanely busy at work, so it was nice to not have a ton of solid plans and just hang out (especially since Saturday was extremely rainy in DC). Who’s snagged their first PSL of the season? I heard rumors going around on Friday that some stores began offering them, but it seemed like that caused some major controversy, and I didn’t grab mine until Tuesday!

Hint: These black pants are EVERYWHERE in this post ;)
Hint: These black pants are EVERYWHERE in this post ;)

Spending a week in Paris and living off of a limited wardrobe made me realize how much I appreciate certain items in my closet that can be styled in multiple ways. I’ve mentioned before that I actually get kind of overwhelmed by a huge wardrobe so I like to keep mine kind of paired down (andddd this is why I’m thankful for friends whose closets could basically be mini boutiques…every time I’m at Shelby’s I end up borrowing a top or two to switch things up!). But traveling obviously forces you to really pair down, and it helped me rediscover my favorites.


For starters, I’m obsessed with this one pair of black skinny pants from LOFT. The style is “Zoe skinny,” but I don’t think LOFT sells them anymore. I bought my first pair in 2014 and they lasted until summer 2016 (they were starting to get super faded but I don’t think I actually tossed them until there was a tear…THAT’s how much I loved them–they were truly perfect for work and weekends alike!). After trying LOFT’s Marissa pant and returning it, I ended up ordering a Zoe pair from Poshmark last fall and haven’t looked back! I wore them multiple times in Paris (not super original or fashiony, but hey, they’re so versatile that I just couldn’t say no!). I’m wearing them in the picture above as well as in the one below.


Next up is my large Longchamp tote. I don’t often use it for travel because I don’t love carrying a shoulder bag when I’m hauling around my laptop (my shoulders are pretty messed up as it is!). I do sometimes use it as a work bag (does anyone else change up their work tote from time to time? I need variety!) and always used one of these as my “backpack” in college. On my most recent trip, I folded this bag up in my suitcase and used it for day-to-day outings in Paris–it was perfect because it could hold a sweater or raincoat in addition to the usual (wallet, sunglasses, glasses, maps, etc). BUT then two days before I left, one of the straps randomly fell off in a museum! It was so sudden that I just kind of laughed and ended up holding the bag weirdly for the rest of the day. I’ve had this baby since the summer before my junior year of college and it’s held up quite well (love that dark Longchamps really hide any stains!), so that was a surprise! Thank goodness for Insta friends who have messaged me and said that the store will likely fix it for free!


When it comes to jean jackets, I definitely don’t cut back (I definitely have 2-3 in my closet at any given moment!). I love how they look with any type of outfit and they just look good on everyone, simple as that! I wore mine a ton this most recent trip and get lots of use out of it in my daily life in DC, too.

Note my Lilly lunchbox in the background!

I also believe in the importance of a good, versatile scarf. I have two Murfee scarfs and really don’t give them the love they deserve! They often sit unused in my closet until I find myself wearing a non-patterned shirt or dress (which is a rarity, let’s be real) and then I realize that they’re the perfect addition and become obsessed (only to forget about them for another month or two). However, whenever I wear these I feel so much more put together and let’s face it, peppy, due to Lilly’s fun prints. Scarves can really transform an outfit in general and while I personally have like…30 (blame it on my study abroad days, when I purchased them nonstop!), one or two great ones are definitely important staples. Wear them as shawls at a wedding, dress them up for work meetings, you name it.

I’ll never be that person with a million different pairs of sunglasses, because once I’ve found a flattering pair of sunnies that I like, I’ll wear ’em forever and ever! I still need to get a new pair of Raybans, but anything tortoiseshell is good in my book in the meantime. I snagged these (pictured throughout this post) on Amazon of all places (for under $10, can you believe it?). I lived in them in Paris and know they’ll be a fun accessory in the months to come! If you’re also looking to go the cheap route, LOFT has great sunglasses that often go on sale and are very flattering. They always have tons of different styles in stock, from aviators to big, funky frames, so definitely look there!

IMG_4800 (1)

Last but not least? A multi-purpose crossbody. I snagged this brown leather crossbody a few months ago (but don’t have a ton of pics with it yet, hence the dressing room selfie…). However, I absolutely love it because it’s 1) suuuuper roomy and 2) can work for both night and day. I spot a lot of crossbody bags that are cute and functional but are either black or have a chain-link strap, which to me says “night time.” I like this one because it’s super practical for a day of errands but also doubles as a carry-all after dark. I’ve gone through many different crossbodies over the years and this one is definitely a favorite! The best part? I snagged it from Mustard Seed for under $15! Only downside? Since it’s pretty sturdy, it doesn’t fold down flat and therefore takes up a ton of room in a suitcase, which is why I didn’t bring it to Paris.

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