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A lot of you are probably confused with all of this moving talk lately, so I thought I’d take a moment to stop and explain why I’m leaving my apartment (insert sad face here because I absolutely loved my little setup and am sad to see it go!). That’s right, on October 1 (well, technically September 30), I’ll be parting ways with my little abode.

I moved to my apartment in Georgetown last August after living at home for a couple of months, and I was so, so thrilled to call this space my own. I really enjoyed having a separate bedroom after years of living in studio, and the location itself was very practical (surprisingly so–Georgetown isn’t really known for easy access to grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms, etc, but I really lucked out with my spot). I’ve made a lot of fun memories in this apartment, was finally able to fulfill my dream of having it photographed (twice!) and featured in three publications, and enjoyed all of the freedoms that come with living alone. I’m also about 10 minutes from my parents’ house (although I rarely go home…I’m a city girl and prefer to have them come to me!). All of this made for an excellent living experience, and I’m truly grateful that it worked out for as long as it did.

However…living alone is 1) a bit lonely and 2) expensive, especially in DC. In terms of point #1: I describe myself as somewhat of an extroverted introvert, and since my job is very social (I work at a school, after all!), it was definitely nice to come home an unwind at the end of the day all by myself. But I’m often envious of the spontaneity that comes with having roommates–there’s always someone around to enjoy wine and trashy TV or check out an event on the weekends, and living with other people is a great way to expand your social circle as a whole. Even simple things like ordering takeout seem easier when there’s another person to chip in. 🙂 In college, I actually preferred living alone (I need downtime!), but it didn’t really matter, because my friends were either in the same dorm or a couple of buildings away. In real life, though, many of my closest DC friends are actually fairly far away, and no one is really nearby enough to just do things on a whim (I was lucky that in New York, Shelby and I lived two blocks from each other and were constantly meeting up at every hour of the day, no matter what day of the week!). Even though I absolutely loved my neighborhood and all it had to offer, I began to feel a bit isolated from the young DC social scene (ok, saying that made me sound old, but you know what I mean).

And in terms of the finances part: it’s no surprise that living alone is expensive, and while I definitely prioritize my home space over other things–I mean, throw pillows and wall art are clearly more important than food ;)–I decided I wasn’t happy with the lifestyle I was living. As a single 20-something, I’d like to spend more time with friends and take advantage of all that the city has to offer rather than hunkering down at home and trying to avoid spending money. So my hope is that I’ll be able to do just that–and wherever I end up next will also likely be closer to the things I want to do and the people I want to see.

So that brings me to what I guess would be factor number 3–my commute! Since I work in McLean (and don’t drive…eek!) the commute is quite long when I’m unable to hitch a ride or Uber (it can take between 1 to 2 hours each way depending on the time of day/traffic, versus 15-30 minutes in the car). I rely on two buses and the metro to get to work, and that’s because Georgetown isn’t on a metro line. Finding a place near the metro is one of my top priorities, and I’m hoping that I’ll shave major time off of my commute as a result–not to mention, I’ll save some extra money by being able to take the metro around the city to see friends and run errands (I definitely rely on Uber wayyyy too much right now!).

I’m definitely excited for what lies ahead, even though apartment hunting can be insanely stressful. More on that (and my roommate situation!) when everything is final…I have to leave some things a surprise, right?!

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