5 U.S. Cities I’d Love to Visit

Which city is always my favorite? Well, I think it's a tie between DC and New York. :) Side note: How awesome is this view from my friend Molly's apartment?! This uptown girl is #impressed.
Which city is always my favorite? Well, I think it’s a tie between DC and New York. 🙂 Side note: How awesome is this view from my friend Molly’s apartment?! This uptown girl is #impressed.

Earlier this year, friends’ weddings brought me to two fun, new-to-me cities: Palm Beach and Seattle. In addition to attending wedding festivities, I did have a bit of time to explore the surrounding area in each place (well, in PB we spent most of our free time on the beach, but it was so worth it!). BUT the next wedding on my radar isn’t until fall 2018 and will be in DC (super easy for travel this time around!), so I’ll need to make more of an effort to do some traveling on my own. A few other destinations on my must-see list?

Charleston: Charleston is definitely a “hot” city right now, and it’s a place I’ve been wanting to go for awhile. It would make an easy weekend trip coming from DC and I’ve seen amazing flight deals on JetBlue…I just haven’t been able to nail anything down! I have a few friends who are interested in going and I’m hoping we’ll be able to make it happen soon. I’ve heard that October/November is a great time to go.

Chicago: My dad grew up in the Chicago suburbs but doesn’t have immediate relatives there anymore, so we never made it out as a family. However, I feel like Chicago has become increasingly popular in recent years (or maybe that’s just because it seems like half the bloggers I follow live there!). I know the winters are brutal, but it sounds like there’s a great mix of touristy (and let’s be real, cutesy) things to do.

Nashville: This doesn’t fully count because I did travel to Nashville for a few days, but I was hyper-focused on selecting a grad program and mainly stayed in the area immediately surrounding Vanderbilt. I did really like the program and the area but ultimately decided I wanted to stay on the East Coast for school (and eventually work)…although the lure of country music and Southern hospitality sure was tempting! Nashville truly has so much to offer that I’d love to go back for a vacation (and a honky tonk bar or two).

New Orleans: One of my friends from growing up did a five-year program at Tulane and I always talked about going down to visit at some point (especially for Mardi Gras!) but never did. However, my grad school friends and I have talked about making this a possible destination for our next girls trip…guys, let’s get on it?! From the food to the music to the culture, I’m itching to soak it all in.

Los Angeles: This seems like a given—who wouldn’t want to go to LA at some point? I’d love to enjoy all that Southern California has to offer, including the cliché activities like touring a movie or TV show set. San Fran (and now Seattle) are the only major West Coast cities I’ve seen, so I’d love to keep my tally going!

Sidenote: Can we talk about how amazing this fall foliage train ride looks? Sign. me. up.

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