We Found an Apartment!


I can finally say it on here…I found an apartment! I’ll be moving to Dupont with Carrie (we met via Instagram in May, nbd…I messaged her and Shannon to get coffee, and the rest was history) and we’re so, so excited to decorate our place and more importantly, be roommates!

We found our apartment on Craigslist (of course!) and are in love with it. It’s a cool two-story unit in an old brownstone, and it has a ton of character. Carrie is living in an awesome room downstairs with huge closets and a fireplace, and I’m living upstairs in a lofted area with skylights, a fun vintage-y mirror, and a little lounge area that leads to our outdoor space! I’ll post some before pictures here and can’t wait to show you the after (it’ll take time, though!).

We definitely had our share of horror stories when apartment hunting (blog post for another day…) and really feel lucky that we finally have a place to call our own. I know Carrie will be an amazing person to live with (we feel like we’ve known each other for years, not for three months!)…not to mention, she’s a talented chef and will definitely be a good influence in that department! 😉

So without further ado, here are a few “before” photos of our place:







A few purchases we’re excited about:

-A large, gold vintage mirror for our living room fireplace (I found one on eBay for a great price, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I was definitely inspired by Alaina’s setup).

-Two chairs for the little round nook in our living room + a gold side table from Craigslist

-An 8 by 10 jute rug from West Elm that we scored for $50 on Craigslist (it retails for $400, so it was a steal!)

-A gold trunk that I’m planning to keep in my room (I’m a little worried about my furniture making its way up to the loft, especially with the spiral staircase, but the movers said they could handle it…). It’s pictured below, and I love that it has little feet you can attach.


Have any decor ideas for us? Send ’em my way! I’m planning on going with dark wood and more of a vintage-y feel in my bedroom, and Carrie has plans to incorporate blue, white, and gold in hers. We’re excited to each have our own little nook and bathroom but still spend time together in our common space (which will be filled with books!). Stay tuned for more apartment posts coming your way! Oh, and if you have any questions about finding a space in DC…just ask! We’ve been through it all at this point!

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