Bye, Georgetown!
Bye, Georgetown!

On my playlist: Ok, so I went down a rabbit hole the other day and discovered this website which lists every song played in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy (you’re welcome). Also, the descriptions of each scene are pretty hilarious and only slightly biased. 😉

On my nightstand: I started this book and it’s a bit different than what I was expecting, but a good read so far. I probably won’t get a ton of fun reading done in September, though, because the move is taking up most of my spare time (and 95 percent of my books are packed away in boxes!). I also ordered this book for the Girls Night In Washington, DC, book club meet up–but I’d been wanting to read it anyway, because I LOVE Anne Helen Petersen (post for another day, though!). I can’t wait for it to arrive, as it definitely appeals to the soc major in me.

On my mind: I was so thrilled when I realized that “Big Little Lies” was available on Amazon (I don’t have HBO, so I watched the first episode when it came out and then had to abandon the series after my free trial ended!). I love Reese Witherspoon–who doesn’t–and the show is keeping me intrigued! It’s making me want to re-read the book again when I’m done, because it’s been a couple of years.

On my wish list: Carrie and I have been busy picking up lots of fun stuff for the apartment. I need to hold off on getting anything more for now, but I’m really excited about what’s arrived so far. I do want to possibly order a chandelier at some point!

On the agenda: Packing, working, and some Friday/Saturday evening fun…the usual! My mom is coming to Georgetown for bunch and packing on Saturday, so it’ll be nice to do something fun in the neighborhood on my last weekend here (yes, I realize I sound like I’m moving 2 hours away, not 2 miles!). I can’t believe that in one week I’ll be unloading the first boxes in my new place! It’s been fun to have a little input on the actual apartment this week, too! They’re going to be building a door to my room and adding a window to that wall, I’ve gotten to give some design input along the way. 😉 It’s awesome that the owner is willing to make some upgrades for us, because the building is actually registered as a historic property, which has me geeking out and wanting to know everything about the socialite who lived there long ago and had the whole building to herself. On the whole building/decorating note, does anyone have tips for hanging artwork on brick? I ordered some “brick clips” on Amazon that are supposed to do the trick without leaving any residue, but I’d love to hear a success story or two!

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