It’s moving weekend, so today’s post is a quick one! I took today off to finish cleaning my apartment, etc, and tomorrow the movers come! I’ll have to admit that I was pretty sad about leaving Georgetown until I found a place I love (and then it became, “Ok, when do I get to move in?!”). I’ve made a lot of fun memories in this apartment and am thankful so many of my friends from various parts of life were able to see it! Can’t wait to make new memories in this place, though–and being right on the metro will make it much easier to see various friends around the city, too.

On my playlist: This catchy jam has been on repeat.

On my nightstand: Still working on last week’s book, but it’s so interesting and is one I’d definitely recommend picking up if you have the chance. It’s been a slow reading month for me with the move and weekend work, but I’m enjoying being able to read when I can!

On my mind: So much to do…but I’m excited for some of the posts I have coming up next week! Anything in particular you’d like to see later this month?

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.17.51 AM

On my wish list: How cute is this striped weekender from LLBean? It’s so preppy and classic but looks extremely functional, too (wouldn’t expect anything less from them!).

On the agenda: Basically, unpacking and more unpacking…and hopefully celebrating/exploring the new neighborhood a bit on Sunday! A good friend from college will be in town for work on Monday, so we’re grabbing Mexican food and margs for dinner. Can’t wait to see her! Then Tuesday is the GNI book club (so I better finish reading before then!). Happy weekend, everybody!

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