The Best Margaritas in DC


It’s almost Friday…so let’s talk about something fun, like margaritas! Everywhere I’ve lived has had a few amazing margarita places (RIP Mexico, which was the name of one of my fave cheap spots in NYC that sadly closed). Philly had Distrito, El Rey, and El Vez (and even Mad Mex, that ultimate student hangout), and New York had everything from the aforementioned cheap spots (I was also a big fan of Blockheads, for whatever reason!) to trendier restaurants that also served great (although overpriced) margs.

I figured that while I don’t have pictures of all of them (just another excuse to go back, I guess), I’d do a little roundup of my favorite DC margarita spots. Honestly, even though the weather will soon be getting colder, I don’t plan to give up my favorite drink anytime soon!
In no particular order…
  • Los Cuates: This is a little spot near my apartment in Georgetown, although I think they have a few other locations. I’ve gone here on several dates (just keeping it real) and with friends, and they also have great happy hour specials (though sadly I haven’t taken advantage of ’em, because I’m not really a happy hour-goer these days!). Definitely pop in if you’re in the area.
  • El Centro: I’ve become a BIG fan of El Centro since moving back to DC. Their food is amazing and the margs have always been on point (once I ordered one frozen and the server brought me a regular, so she let me keep both…definitely did not finish them, because one alone is huge!).
  • Banana Cafe and Piano Bar: I’d been itching to go here for ages after seeing pictures on Carrie and Shannon’s Instagram all the time, and we finally all went together a few weeks ago! The margs (pictured above) are huge…I Snapchatted mine to several friends, and everyone was curious about them!
I’m sure there are many more places I should be adding to this list, so keep me in the loop if I’m missing anything. I could seriously eat Tex Mex all day every day, and a good marg is really just the cherry on top of an amazing meal!

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