Score a Gray Malin Print on Sale

If you’ve been looking to pull the trigger on a coveted Gray Malin print, you’re in luck! You’ve seen them on blog after blog or maybe even own Gray’s coffee table book (side note: I popped into his super crowded event at Salt and Sundry for a hot minute last week and was thrilled to see Gray IRL). Just need to add one to your home? Here’s how…from time to time, Gilt City offers deals where you can purchase a credit to shop at, and the savings are huge! I purchased a $249 print credit (this is how much most of his prints cost at minimum—eek—though the famous balloon art starts at $199) and only paid $129 thanks to the promo and applying an additional 20 percent off coupon for new Gilt City users. I still had to pay an additional $15 out of pocket for shipping via, but I was able to score an amazing print (after some deliberation, I picked this one) for about half the price! This is really a steal because the website rarely offers sales of any kind, and when they do occur, they’re often limited to a specific collection.

I absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive—my balloon art picture that I purchased in May already has a spot in my new apartment, and I can’t wait to add a signature beach photograph to the mix!

The next step is framing, which is tricky, because the print I ordered is 11.5 x 17, aka not a traditional frame size. Unfortunately, anyone who loves wall art knows that finding a good frame that doesn’t break the bank is half the battle. I’m not usually a big fan of custom framing due to the cost, but if you’re going to shell out $$$ for a nice piece of artwork, it seems reasonable to treat it to a special frame that will hold up over time! Rather than spending an extra $160 to have my print arrive pre-framed from Gray Malin, I did what I did last May, which was purchase a Groupon that I can use at a local frame shop. The one I purchased this time around only cost me $33 but covers up to $150 worth of framing costs (I’m hoping I won’t have to pay anything additional out of pocket!) and is good for use at a store right in Dupont! While framing can take two to three weeks (or longer), it’s worth the wait to have a nice-looking, professionally-framed print that you can keep for years to come.

Who’s ready to order a (or another) Gray Malin print via Gilt? If you get one, let me know what you pick!

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  1. Another great budget-friendly option for custom framing is Framebridge! I use them for everything and am obsessed. Great tip on the Gray Malin savings, I’ve been eyeing one for ages but haven’t gotten up the nerve to shell out the $$

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