How My Decorating Style Has Evolved: My Apartments in NYC and Philly

Over the years, my decorating style has changed quite a bit as I’ve moved apartments and gone from being a (barely) 22-year-old recent college grad to a 26-year-old professional.

My first apartment in New York was filled with tons of IKEA and fun wall art. I’ve always been (and probably always will be) a huge sucker for gallery walls, and they’re one constant that I’ve kept from apartment to apartment. My NYC apartment was a studio but was quite spacious and had a calming, airy feel. I decorated mostly with blue and white and kept the space nice and open. Ignore the crappy iPhone photos, but they’re all I have! I figure icky photos from 2014 are preferable to no photos, right? 😉

Sarah 3

Sarah 6

Sarah 8 (1)

In this apartment, I loved being able to have friends over in the living area. I hosted a lot of small get togethers and never felt cramped. I never actually sat at my desk (I’ve always been big on working from the couch/my bed), but it added a nice touch. I will say that at this point, I knew I liked gold/bamboo, but I didn’t know much about specific furniture brands and styles. It was in Philly where I fell in love with faux bamboo chippendale chairs, campaign furniture, and the like. In New York, I didn’t really add much furniture or subtract stuff from my apartment after I’d moved in. I was beyond skeptical of Craigslist and thrift stores in the city due to bedbugs, but I started to explore these resources in Philly and became hooked!

In Philly, I lived in an apartment off campus, which was actually much more affordable and much nicer than Penn’s recommended student housing. Even though I was in a studio, my apartment once again felt sufficiently comfortable (although my kitchen space was TINY–one countertop, an oven, and a fridge = chaos). I actually kept my microwave permanently on my kitchen table because that was the only place it could fit! In this apartment, I still made the space pretty girly (and #basic) incorporating fun bar carts (yes, I had multiple, but used one as a nightstand!), decorative pillows, and lots of color-coded books. Again, I have some iPhone photos handy (#cringing)…I had submitted these to Best Friends for Frosting who wanted to do a home tour but unfortunately couldn’t find a photographer to come to Philly! 🙁



A friend was getting rid of this bar cart, so I was eager to scoop it up. It was a little big and worked great as a nightstand! I also purchased my trusty Target headboard, which was a great decision and has held up wonderfully.




Again, never really used the desk and wasn’t even going to bring it with me from NYC, but the movers said they’d take it for free. I built it wrong and it was kind of falling apart the whole time! I barely worked in the library in grad school and preferred getting everything done in my room or in the office where I did my graduate assistantship. I do miss this apartment because it was so cozy and I really made it feel like home, even though I was only there for a year and a half (although thinking about it now, that’s longer than I lived in my place in Georgetown!). I also was spoiled with a walk-in closet, but that meant that I didn’t have a separate storage spot for cleaning supplies and coats.

All I can say is…no, these photos really don’t do the places justice, and omg, thank goodness for professional apartment photography in my DC home! I’m working on getting a shoot together for my new place but would like to figure out a few more things first…in my Dupont home, I have opted for darker, more gender-neutral, antique-looking, “grown up” pieces. Think less quirky wall art (though I still love it) and more classic-looking pieces. This is a first coming from a girl who was once obsessed with white furniture! While my current space doesn’t have the same crisp, girly look, I’m loving how it’s turned out so far and can’t wait to share a full reveal with you all!

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