My 5 Favorite Organization Products from Amazon


Can we just take a moment to swoon over how perfect this closet looks? While mine may never look quite like that, I’ve worked over the years to make the most of whatever closet/storage space I have, and Amazon Prime is superb when it comes to organizational gear (no, this post is in no way affiliated with them…I’m just a very dedicated customer!) Literally in order to write this, I just went through my entire Amazon order history from the past year-ish…let’s just say I had to scroll through pages on pages!

1) Wire shelf: I saw that Carrie had ordered some of these for our food storage shelves, so I ordered one of my own, and it works great! I need all the space I can get since our cupboard is pretty small. I had previously used something similar in Philly to keep all of my coffee mugs organized (I have a ton of them!). It would also work well in the bathroom–place one under the sink for toilet paper storage. At under $8, you can’t go wrong.

2) Velvet hangers: I used to not be too picky about hangers but have become a fan of these over the years. I’ve ordered several sets since my move in order to keep my closet orderly. It’s quite large with some built-in’s in the back that I use for shoes and other storage! Since I have a lot more space to hang things, I’ve taken some of my “going out tops” out of my dresser drawers, which will hopefully keep them wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

3) K-cup drawers: This is a perfect storage system for k-cups because it keeps them 1) organized, 2) out of sight, and 3) can fit under my actual Keurig machine, which is an amazing way to save space. I’ve had mine for about a year and it’s held up super well. It takes up such little actual/visual space that I won’t go back to anything else!

4) Under bed bag: This is perfect if you have limited storage. I’ve used under bed bags and boxes for everything from books to winter accessories…they don’t just have to be for sweaters/blankets!

5) Spice rack: If you’re a big cook and like to keep things handy, it couldn’t be more convenient, and the clear style is super modern. This could also double as a cute nail polish rack!

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