Switching up my format a bit this Friday with a few new categories to keep things exciting around here…(it’s the little things, guys). Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Bookmarked: Check out these ginger jar pumpkins…need I say more? I saw this article on my Facebook news feed of all places and immediately sent it to myself to share on here.

DC to-do list: I need to check out Jeni’s Ice Creams, especially since it’s practically around the corner from me! The flavors look delicious and let’s be real, the spot is v Instagrammable from what I’ve seen. I have friends visiting next weekend and over Halloween, so I’ll likely wait to go there until I have a guest in town!

Pinning: Can someone do my hair like this?

Tackling: We have a big work event this Saturday during the daytime, but otherwise the weekend should be pretty relaxing! My sister is home from college for her fall break, so I’m heading home tonight to see her, and Saturday evening is an engagement party for a couple I know from college (although we actually became friends over the past year in DC, which is kinda cool!). Excited for good company and some cocktails, and Sunday will hopefully be pretty restful!

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5 Home Decor Items from Nordstrom

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nordstrom actually has some amazing home finds! I was browsing their new arrivals the other day and got sucked in…so much beautiful accent furniture and decor! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pieces below:


1) This brass/bamboo-like table is certainly at the top of my wish list. I actually found a similar, smaller piece at the Georgetown Flea a few weeks ago, but I’m still lusting over this one. It would work well in a living room, or you could grab two and use them as chic bedside tables. Plus, at under $150, it’s quite affordable (especially compared to similar styles).

2) This little container is super affordable and would look great on a dresser. Use it to store bracelets/watches or even hair supplies!

3) Our apartment actually came with the cutest doormat from Target, but if we didn’t have one, I’d be all about this pineapple option (which is not only adorable but super appropriate, since pineapples = hospitality!).

4) Fall means cozy throw blankets are practically a requirement, and while this one is a bit of a splurge, it’s super cute.

5) I personally own this pillow and can attest to how great it is! Right now, it’s on our living room couch, but in my last apartment, it added the perfect extra pop of blue and white to my bedroom.

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DC Neighborhood Prints


When I was at Heather‘s apartment a few weeks ago for our Houzz shoot (will share the article when it’s up; I can’t wait!), I noticed she had the most adorable DC-themed prints hanging in her bathroom. She told me they’re from Cherry Blossom Creative, and seriously, I’ve been noticing them everywhere ever since! I popped in to Urban Dwell in Adams Morgan for the first time a few days after I was at Heather’s and noticed they sell them there, and they even sell mini greeting card-sized versions of the prints (which I don’t see on the website).

Can’t make it to Urban Dwell? (Side note: I don’t know what took me so long to get there…it’s the store of my dreams!). You can order the traditional sized prints online, and I even learned that ACE Hardware carries the card sizes (they actually had some pretty on point DC-themed cards when I popped in the other day, haha). I learned that Cherry Blossom Creative also has a DC store, but it sounds like they’re closed at the moment for renovations and should open up soon.


I can’t decide which print to get…Dupont or Georgetown or maybe both? I love that so many different neighborhoods are available…these would make fantastic housewarming gifts!

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Checking In

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with some life updates…so here goes!


1) New apartment: We’re loving the new place, and I finally was able to finish unpacking/styling some things this past weekend. We have great built ins in the living room which makes it easy to store all of our books, but I’ve been struggling with how to style them. We don’t want it to look to library-ish and I’ve drawn some inspiration from Pinterest (see above). I managed to recreate this look a bit but am still not 100 percent in love with it. Any ideas are welcome! This past weekend, I had a few friends over for wine on the roof which was a blast (especially because it’s still insanely warm out), and I’ve loved exploring my new neighborhood and getting into a routine (having a Trader Joe’s just a few blocks away has been a game changer!).


2) A home tour: Speaking of apartment updates, I discovered this home tour the other day and absolutely love it. It definitely encompasses the look that I’ve been trying to create in my loft area.

3) GNI book club: The Girls Night In book club last Tuesday was wonderful! I loved discussing Anne Helen Petersen’s Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud with an amazing group of women. Everyone was so friendly and had a lot of interesting comments and perspectives (not to mention, wine and donuts were served). I highly recommend signing up for a book club (GNI or otherwise) in your city if you can!

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 9.50.16 AM

4) A wish list find: I came across this lidded basket on Amazon the other day and love it! It’s exactly the style that’s super popular right now and doubles as a storage unit, which is always a plus.

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The Best Margaritas in DC


It’s almost Friday…so let’s talk about something fun, like margaritas! Everywhere I’ve lived has had a few amazing margarita places (RIP Mexico, which was the name of one of my fave cheap spots in NYC that sadly closed). Philly had Distrito, El Rey, and El Vez (and even Mad Mex, that ultimate student hangout), and New York had everything from the aforementioned cheap spots (I was also a big fan of Blockheads, for whatever reason!) to trendier restaurants that also served great (although overpriced) margs.

I figured that while I don’t have pictures of all of them (just another excuse to go back, I guess), I’d do a little roundup of my favorite DC margarita spots. Honestly, even though the weather will soon be getting colder, I don’t plan to give up my favorite drink anytime soon!
In no particular order…
  • Los Cuates: This is a little spot near my apartment in Georgetown, although I think they have a few other locations. I’ve gone here on several dates (just keeping it real) and with friends, and they also have great happy hour specials (though sadly I haven’t taken advantage of ’em, because I’m not really a happy hour-goer these days!). Definitely pop in if you’re in the area.
  • El Centro: I’ve become a BIG fan of El Centro since moving back to DC. Their food is amazing and the margs have always been on point (once I ordered one frozen and the server brought me a regular, so she let me keep both…definitely did not finish them, because one alone is huge!).
  • Banana Cafe and Piano Bar: I’d been itching to go here for ages after seeing pictures on Carrie and Shannon’s Instagram all the time, and we finally all went together a few weeks ago! The margs (pictured above) are huge…I Snapchatted mine to several friends, and everyone was curious about them!
I’m sure there are many more places I should be adding to this list, so keep me in the loop if I’m missing anything. I could seriously eat Tex Mex all day every day, and a good marg is really just the cherry on top of an amazing meal!
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Where to Score Cheap Midcentury Modern Furniture

Today’s topic is #mcm…nope, not “man crush Monday” (sorry) but instead, “midcentury modern” (bookmark the abbrev for your Craigslist searches! I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when I came across an ad for Burlington Coat Factory, of all places, and there was a picture of a cute campaign nightstand. Now, while Burlington is definitely chaotic and not really the type of place I enjoy shopping because of the clutter (yes, this is coming from a girl who LOVES TJMaxx/HomeGoods), I happened to know that they have a website. So off I went to find the adorable campaign piece (which didn’t show up in my searches, unfortunately)…but while browsing, I came across some awesome midcentury modern pieces for CHEAP!

On Craigslist, midcentury modern pieces pop up all of the time, but the price range can really vary. I’m not as into this style of dresser, but it’s been growing on me lately, and seeing mcm pieces for a great price may just encourage me to bite the bullet!

Here’s what I found:

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.31.20 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.31.13 PM

With the nightstand, I’d probably replace the knobs with some fun ones from Anthropologie (or HomeGoods, etc…lots of stores sell them!). The plain brown ones are a little boring in my opinion, and a gold design or something similar could definitely make them look more glam.

Note: I was on Google images looking for these pieces because for whatever reason pictures weren’t showing up with the Burlington links as I was writing this post. I discovered that several other stories carry these pieces, but the prices are much higher (Kohl’s, for example, was selling the same dresser for $400!).

Moral of the story: Do your research, but then go ahead and shop your heart out as you decorate your midcentury modern-themed bedroom! Also, don’t discount somewhat random retailers until you see what they have to offer…I never in a million years would’ve thought these pieces would be sold at Burlington, but ya learn something new every day, I guess!

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One Cane Chair, Three Ways

I’ve been doing lots of online decor/furniture shopping (and just some browsing!) while setting up everything in the new place, and I’ve found tons of adorable pieces that I want to share here. I came across this cane chair on Amazon the other week and think it’s absolutely gorgeous and so classic (not to mention an awesome price!).  I already have some cane pieces in my room, otherwise I would’ve added it to my cart immediately (who am I kidding; it’ll probably still be on my wish list for awhile!). I’ve put together a few different bedroom themes that honestly all appeal to me in different ways–and all of them incorporate the chair, just to show how versatile it can be. Honestly, I think my personal style is kind of a mix of all of these looks!


Shop the boho look: Lamps, gold tray, sleep mask, rug 


Shop the preppy look: Traylamp, candle holders, jar, candle


Shop the glamorous look: Painting, wall decor, jeweled jar, pillow

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