Bookmarked: A somewhat new to me blog, Capitol Vintage Charm. Last Friday, Stacy and I met up for coffee and had a blast chatting about our blogging, thrifting, our careers, and more! She’s truly the sweetest and we have so much in common. I’m so jealous of all of her fun furniture scores, too! Plus, every Friday, she does a round-up of the best Craigslist finds in DC that week (seriously, she’s a girl after my own heart!).

DC to-do list: Going to recommend something here! Last week, a friend and I took a ghost tour in Georgetown (we stopped by Baked & Wired first to snag treats and hot drinks) and had a blast. The tour started out with tons of ghost stories about homes in the area but ended up leaning more to the historical side later on (still interesting, though!). While it was definitely fun going right around Halloween, I’d recommend it for any time of year (and you definitely don’t have to be a tourist to appreciate it, though there were many in our group). It starts at the Old Stone House and wraps up right around Georgetown University and is a great way to learn more about the area and get in some extra steps! Also, speaking of haunted homes in DC, the Post wrote an article about some of these spooky spots (one of which is right in my neighborhood…eek). I’ll be honest that prior to recently I thought ghost tours were just plain creepy and kind of weird and never wanted to take advantage of them, and now I can’t get enough! I’d gotten tons of recommendations about the Edinburgh one when I was studying abroad there and ultimately passed on it (although to be fair, the cemetery and other artifacts are very visible just by walking around the city). Now I’m wishing I’d gone because I’m sure it’s amazing!

Pinning: Lo Bosworth’s home tour (this is an older piece but I’ve constantly pinned images from it, which I always turn to for inspo!). If you like lucite, brick walls, and bright, airy spaces, it’s for you.

Tackling: The notes section of my phone is always full of to-do lists and grocery lists and things that I actually need to get done, but I often keep a list of separate list of fun things I’d like to try, too (products I’d like to look for at Trader Joe’s, shows to check out, books on my wish list, and places to check out in the city). This weekend, I need to prep for the living room redesign I’m helping with (I’m styling the client’s bookshelves on Monday!), plan to relax on Sunday (I’ve had visitors the past two weekends and haven’t spent a ton of time just lounging at home), and hope to start making some headway on a project that I’ll be announcing on here soon! Hope everyone has a fantastic November weekend. 🙂


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