Bedroom Nook Update + Where I Scored My Decor


I wanted to share a little update on my most frequently-Instagrammed space in the new apartment…the little nook outside of my bedroom (excuse the iPhone photography!).

When I decided to live in the lofted room, I had a vague idea about how I wanted to set up this space, but I really found that seeing it in person on move-in day solidified how I wanted to arrange everything (isn’t it funny how you think you remember a space perfectly in your head, and then upon seeing it again you’re like, “Ohhhh.”?). The “living” area, or the space outside my bedroom, was going to house my little cane love seat (an awesome $55 Georgetown Flea purchase!), a desk/vanity I found on Craigslist, and maybe my gold trunk, but I wasn’t sure what would go where. Now, a little over a month after moving in, I think the space is finally complete (well, as complete as it can be for a girl who loves to decorate and rearrange every chance she gets!).


My desk is on the opposite side of the room (I’ll have to snag a picture another time) and is directly under one of the windows that looks out onto our roof. I still haven’t sat there much yet but am hoping to get more use out of it on the weekends when I catch up on blogging. The cane couch is super comfortable and really pops (orange is so not my normal color of choice, but there was something cool and antique-y about it, so I just couldn’t say no!). Fun fact: I carried it myself about three blocks and then up the stairs into my old apartment. Yet somehow the weights portion of Flywheel still is super challenging… 😉

I couldn’t fully feel at home in the new space without a gallery wall, and I’m loving how this one turned out. It definitely took a few tries to figure out what should go where, but I’m liking the color scheme and mix of pieces right now. I kind of went for a “Parisian”/vintagey vibe.


Andddd the find of the month…these adorable cane chairs (also orange!). I spotted them at my church bazaar over the weekend for $6 a piece (and got a lot of Instagram DMs about them!) and obviously had to bring them home! The other two are at my parents’ house (aka my furniture storage facility, whoops) for the moment, but I was able to fit two up here. They’re not only a similar shade to the couch but happen to be pretty comfortable. I used to think cane was kind of weird and old-person-looking, but the style has grown on me a ton within recent months–it’s a classic!

The gold trunk was a pricier Craigslist find but I knew it would look cool someplace in the apartment, so I purchased it right before my move! I like how it looks as a coffee table and it doubles as great storage for extra wall art/decorative accessories/etc. There are little feet that came with it but they may make it too tall for the area, so they’re being stored inside right now.


I originally had a tall gold lamp (a $35 Amazon find) next to the couch but ended up moving my ginger jar-style piece into the area instead. It’s a little big for the side table but works for now–I think the chinoiserie style goes well with the other items in the nook. Best of all, the lamp was a $30 find at the Georgetown Flea and the brass bamboo-style table was $40! The aloe plant is from Little Leaf and adds some life to the area!

It was my mom’s idea to place the rug up here, and I’m liking the mix of colors it brings. Funnily enough, the rug only cost $50 thanks to a “sample sale” Rugs USA was having online this summer. It actually got lost in the mail for awhile and eventually wound up at my place a few weeks later (thank goodness!). I’m glad it finally did arrive and now has a home up here.

Also I realized that I haven’t really shown my bed area at all, whether on here or on IG stories, so here’s a (bad quality) picture I found of when I first moved in (as in, I didn’t even have pillows on the bed because they were packed somewhere still!). It’s changed a bit but gives you a good sense of the overall area. The two lamps were from Miss Pixie’s but one kind of broke, so I saved the shades and am using them on two other lamps I have in my room (I have a lamp problem and a mirror problem). The oriental-looking rug is actually another $50 find from Rugs USA’s sample sale. My headboard is from Target (I think it’s sort of plain, but I get a lot of questions about it!). The bench at the end of my bed is one my mom purchased for me from Ballard Designs like four years ago, and I love it!


I’ll be sure to keep doing more apartment posts once I can get some good quality photos (like from a professional, rather than my grainy iPhone pics)! Thanks for following along on IG stories–I’m always happy when you guys approve of my little home updates or offer suggestions!

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