Gift Guide: The City Girl


This is the first of four gift guides I’ve put together so far. I’ll try to space them out every few days, so check back for more in the coming weeks. Note: I really enjoy making these, so I hope they’ll be somewhat helpful to people! I’ve really just focused on gifts for women because I personally find moms/sisters/friends the easiest to shop for while male relatives/boyfriends can be a bit more difficult. However, maybe that’s just because I often find gifts for the women in my life while browsing in stores or on websites that I visit on a regular basis, so it doesn’t feel like extra “effort,” so to speak. I was telling a friend recently that I kind of stockpile gifts for her throughout the year (I do the same for my sister) because so many things I come across just call her name. It’s always super nice to feel prepared for that person’s birthday/housewarming party/etc well in advance!

When making these gift guides, I decided to pull items exclusively from four of my favorite stores: Waiting on Martha, Lulu and Georgia, Nordstrom, and TJ I made myself stick with one item from each for each of my four gift guides, which was a good exercise in self control 😉 (but actually, I could browse those sites for hours).

Ok, enough rambling! Here’s what I picked for category one, “the city girl”:

1) Cocktail kit (Waiting on Martha)

2) Travel mug (Lulu and Georgia)

3) Fake plant (TJ Maxx)

4) City book (Nordstrom)

Not feeling any of the above? Here are a few other (more creative) items I’d recommend for the city girl in your life:

-An Uber gift card. If you’re anything like me (ok, actually I don’t think ANYONE takes Ubers as frequently as I do, because I often rely on them for my commute!), you’ll get a TON of use out of these. Uber is basically everywhere now, but living in a big city, it can be so nice to just call an Uber at the end of the day instead of hopping on the metro for an hour. I’d honestly rather get a gift card for an Uber than for something else “unnecessary,” like a manicure.

-A theater/concert ticket. I’m still just a littttleee bitter about the fact that my family didn’t get our act together early enough to go see Mean Girls the musical (it’s in DC!), but cities offer so many shows that play/musical/concert tickets are never a bad idea! Book of Mormon has also been in town, and summer brings tons of the country concerts!

-A cute reusable tote filled with “city essentials.” In DC and Maryland, plastic bags are 5 cents a piece due to tax regulations, so I try to keep a reusable bag with me at all times because why spend money on that (not to mention it’s a much greener solution). Pick up a fun tote (I own and love this one because it folds up and you barely notice it’s in your purse) and fill it with a little umbrella for emergencies, Rx or Luna bars, hand sanitizer, and the like. Germ-free commutes and a solution in case she gets super hangry? Check!

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