Tried and True Gifts Under $100

I love making gift guides because it’s basically an excuse to online “window shop,” but there’s something to be said for sharing products that I already have and love, too. Sometimes things look great online and then they arrive and are just eh, and when you’re giving gifts to others, you don’t want to worry about whether the recipient will want to return the item because you’re ordering from a new or obscure site and the quality may be iffy.

I’ve rounded up some products (some of which are little bit off the beaten path) that have made an appearance in my home tours for a good reason, and I can vouch that your loved ones will enjoy them as well. And the best part is…they’re all under $100 (except for one item which is definitely a splurge)! Oh, and speaking of home tours, I’m thrilled to share that I got some photos of our new place taken on Sunday, and I already received a few edited ones back and they’re looking great! I’m still waiting to see how the upstairs shots turned out, but the downstairs pictures are here and will give you a glimpse into a space I haven’t really shown or talked about much on here!


Gold tray: This is an option for the perpetual hostess/glamour girl. I’ve talked about this tray in a previous post because it’s affordable, great quality, and everyone has it and styles it nicely. Whether you use it on a bar cart, a countertop, a dresser, or a vanity, it’s the perfect addition to any space and is pretty roomy. I’ve used it in three different apartments and it’s held up super well!


Mackenzie Childs tray (c/o): Amara Living invited me to pick out a few products for my home and I happily obliged! I’d been wanting a Mackenzie Childs piece for awhile after having seen the unique pattern on many other blogs, and I got this one right in time for my shoot. It really popped on our marble coffee table and made the perfect display for some snacks. I know I’ll be using it again for entertaining!


Press for Champagne ornament: Last year’s hit is back! I did notice that it’s no longer available for Christmas delivery, but you could always gift the recipient a bottle of champagne with a little note that the ornament is arriving later (maybe in time for New Years?!). Regardless, order it quickly because this did go out of stock for awhile last winter! I love mine and it’s a much cheaper alternative to Lisa’s larger design.


Vintage Barbie and Ken print: Guys, this website makes me laugh every time I visit it. The prints are so witty (perfect for the quirky girl in your life) and also super affordable (the size shown above is only $30). My print is now hanging in my bathroom and adds the perfect pop of color and whimsy to what’s (obviously) a pretty plain space. Give it framed or unframed; I guarantee you’ll find a design that your recipient will love! Also, can you imagine if your job was staging these? So. many. ideas!


Woven tray: There’s are all the rage (does anyone still say that?) right now and it can be hard to find affordable options, but Macy’s of all places has a great one! I actually came across this tray while stalking a favorite blogger Instagram account of mine and went to pick it up from the store later that day. Super easy! While you’re at it, you may as well grab these placemats. Love!


CatStudio pillow: This is my splurge item, but I had to include it because it’s such a hit. CatStudio makes tons of different pillows (and tea towels, cups, etc) that correspond to tons of cities and states and really add a pop of color to a room. They’re definitely on the “busier” side, but they work well as an accent piece and are truly special gifts (each pillow is hand-embroidered and takes up to one week to complete!). I’ve received a ton of compliments on mine (which I purchased through a giveaway I won last spring) and I love how it looks in our living room nook area.

Photos 1, 3, and 4 by Hado Photo; photos 2, 5, and 6 by For Better Days Photography ( 

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