6 Entertaining Tips from Mom


I can’t believe that December starts on Friday (!). If I’m being honest, this has kind of felt like the longest month ever in some ways, but I’m still shocked that the holidays are around the corner. I’m excited to be spending Christmas at home this year (we often travel for the holiday, but there’s nothing like waking up in your own bed and going downstairs on Christmas morning!). Since the start of December means holiday parties on holiday parties, I wanted to share some entertaining tips that will be especially useful during the holiday season and managed to snag some advice from my mom while I was home over Thanksgiving.


Maybe I’m a little bit biased, but…my mom is the best hostess I know. Whether she’s entertaining her women’s group from our church, a large crowd from my dad’s office, or just hosting a dinner for family and friends, she always pulls everything off seamlessly (she begs to differ on all of this! But as her daughter, I’ll always think she’s doing a wonderful job). She’s also the first person I turned to for all things related to wedding etiquette when I started getting my first invites last year. So naturally, I had to ask her to give me a few tips for when it comes to throwing a party big or small.

Here we go:

  • It’s fine to mix and match homemade items with store-bought ones. “That’s something I’ve learned over time. Play to your strengths. Make what you’re good at making; buy what you’re not.”
  • Keep your drink options to a minimum–in terms of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. “You don’t have to have something of everything. Water, another non-alcoholic drink option, wine or beer, and one mixed drink option will do.”
  • Keep it simple. “Don’t try out a new, complicated recipe the night that you’re planning to have people come over.
  • Pay attention to how food is displayed or arranged. “If you do purchase something from the store, be sure to re-plate it on one of your own dishes.”
  • Be sure to check in ahead of time on guests’ food restrictions. “It’s much easier to meet someone’s needs ahead of time rather than on the spot.”
  • If you send out an invitation, include a start and end time. “I think people like to know. But it doesn’t mean you expect people to adhere to those times, they can just be approximate–unlike a child’s birthday party!”

Thanks, Mom!

Photography by forbetterdays4@gmail.com 

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