Stocking Stuffers to Split


When shopping for my three girl cousins who are each a few years apart in age, my mom would always pick out three of the same items but in different colors to ensure that none of the sisters felt left out while still allowing for some individuality (can anyone else with sisters relate?!). Even to this day, my sister and I will often receive the same things in our stockings but her item will be in green (her signature color) and mine will be blue. If you’re shopping for a group and want to keep gifts equal but somewhat unique, here are a few great items that you can purchase and split up.

Can you ever go wrong with candy? The answer is no, especially when it’s Sugarfina.

TJ Maxx sells nail polishes like Essie and OPI for much cheaper than anywhere else, so grab a few different colors and give one (or two!) to everyone on your list.

Pop one Diptyque candle into each stocking for a super luxe gift.

I love Philosophy products because they smell AMAZING. Grab a gift set for a steal and divvy up the contents by putting one shampoo or lotion in each stocking.

Break up a set of notebooks like these.

These face masks all look super soothing.


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