Creating a Cozy Living Space


Happy Tuesday! I wanted to pop in with a few pictures of our living space and share some decorating tips in case your space needs a little refresh.

I’ll start by saying that I really, really appreciate all of the natural light that we get in our apartment. Getting plenty of sunlight has always been at the top of my list when apartment hunting, even when I’ve gone into the search knowing that wherever I lived would be temporary (like when I was in graduate school). In our current place, I was originally a bit nervous about taking the lofted room, but thanks to the skylights and windows up there, it’s all good. I’d been seriously considering some basement rooms before I began the apartment search with Carrie, and while they were pretty spacious and reasonably priced, I don’t think I personally would’ve been happy in the long run because of the lack of natural light (not to mention, most people living in basement rooms keep their blinds closed for privacy, so on top of having small windows, I wouldn’t have planned to keep them open much anyway).

We absolutely love how bright our living room gets during the day (at night, the odd placement of light switches in our apartment is a different story!). I brought a lot of my living room furniture from my old place, but Carrie ordered the above chairs on Wayfair, and I think they look fabulous! We paired them with a Target lamp and table that I scored for even cheaper via Craigslist (funny story, the table unknowingly came from a college friend’s girlfriend and I didn’t make the connection until after I’d left her house! Could DC be a smaller world? We’ve toyed with spray painting it gold, but I don’t know if/when that will happen!). The pouf adds a little bit of character to the space, as does my beloved CatStudio pillow and a cozy throw. Our unit is pretty high up, so we enjoy being able to look out the window and people watch.


I think there’s something to be said for keeping this little nook pretty simple. The larger part of our living room houses a large rug, a tv (which sits on my campaign dresser), the couch, tons of books, and a console table. As much as I love accessories and throw pillows, adding more over here would’ve overwhelmed the space. Carrie and I like a lot of the same types of decorations which made it easy to put our common space together, but we still bounced purchases off one another to make sure the other person liked an item. Since we each have large bedrooms, we didn’t need to worry about cramming everything into the common space, which also made things easier.


We love using this space to drink coffee and check our email before work (Carrie is better at doing this than I am–I always feel like I’m in a rush in the mornings!). It’s also a nice place to sit and read on the weekends. I’m sure once it starts snowing, this will be a beautiful spot to sit and look out the window, too.


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