Christmas Decor Tips


As much as I love decorating, I didn’t always really enjoy buying items that only last one season. My style tends to stay the same year-round, and as much fun as I have admiring cute seasonal bar carts or living rooms covered in plaid throws and pillows, it had never really been for me…until now! Since living with a roommate, I’ve gotten much more excited about holiday decor, partly because I know that there will always be two people around to appreciate it. When I lived alone, I liked to host friends at my place a lot, but they obviously weren’t around to admire the tree every day! Since we’re hosting a brunch this weekend (which has now become holiday-themed due to the timing, making things extra festive), I’ve expanded my collection of holiday decor quite a bit and made some useful realizations in the process. Here are my tips for making the most of your seasonal stuff.

Reuse. Evergreen garlands are SO pretty but tend to dry up quickly, from what I’ve heard (not to mention, they certainly won’t last beyond one holiday season). Faux greenery isn’t the same thing but does the job minus the cleanup (!). I’ve purchased several fake garlands for our apartment and draped one around the banister and another on our mantle. Other reusable Christmas items I own include our fake tree, white lights (which may date back to my dorm room days!), evergreen-scented candles that will last at least a couple of seasons, ornaments, ribbon, stockings, and other small decorative pieces. These are all things that are easy enough to stash in a box or drawer in the off-season and, while already inexpensive from the get go, will totally see their money’s worth.

Invest in classics. Those holiday cups and plates that say things like “get lit” may be fun and cute in 2017, but trendy phrases are easily overdone and aren’t something that you’ll want to use season after season. (Of course, if you’re having a large party and are relying on disposable items, do your thing! I picked up a bunch of fun plates from Target in advance of our brunch since who wants to do 10 people’s worth of dishes? I’m planning on pairing them with some reusable plaid napkins I purchased for a more special touch). My mom has always raved about Spode pieces (you’ve definitely seen them even if you don’t know them by name), and I’ve loved spotting them while out and about. I have a cute mug but see pieces in the collection everywhere–they even sell the brand at TJ Maxx, making it super easy to pick up something for your own home.


Don’t underestimate simple touches. I did pick up some real greenery from Trader Joe’s a few weeks back, and it’s held up super well! I split up the “bouquet” that I purchased and put some in a glass downstairs and some in my room. I love the little pop of holiday cheer it adds up there without being too busy or chaotic. Likewise, a scented candle or small jar filled with ornaments can make a great accent piece if you feel like your mantle or nightstand is missing a seasonal touch.

Think creatively. I picked up a super cute cookie tin for 25 CENTS (!) at a thrift store last weekend and plan to use it to display treats at our brunch because I don’t want to give it away. 🙂 I also looked around for things I already had that could double as Christmas decor…for example, I already had red and white striped straws and they look adorable in a little jar alongside some candy canes. Christmas (decor) is truly everywhere… 😉

I’ll post pictures of our final setup this weekend, but in the meantime, happy decorating!

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