New York Weekend

Long overdue post, but better late than never! I spent the first weekend of the month in New York with my mom and had a wonderful time! True story: We were debating where we should go for a mini trip and tossed around a few ideas including Florida and Charleston (warm/warm-ish places!), but it was while we (separately) were watching the opening scenes of A Christmas Prince (embarrassing but too hilarious not to mention, #noshame) that we decided that we absolutely had to see New York all lit up–great minds think alike, ha!


We spent two nights in the city and stayed at the Washington Square Hotel near NYU. It was a fairly small hotel but was in an amazing location, and one great perk was that breakfast was included. Since I always lived uptown (aside from the first summer I interned in New York) as do many of my friends, I usually spend most of my time back up there when I come to visit the city. This time, it was nice checking out a new neighborhood and seeing a side of NYC that I didn’t experience as much. Additionally, the location was near so many of my favorite “new” NYC places (aka those that didn’t exist when I lived there) including byChloe, Cha Cha Matcha, and Do (the famous cookie dough spot!). My mom kept making fun of me for only suggesting restaurants and other food-related places when it came to things I wanted to do, but honestly, isn’t eating a huge part of any weekend away?!


So, in terms of restaurants…we had lunch at ByChloe in Soho on Saturday and then made our way to the Upper East Side, where we grabbed a snack at one of my favorite little coffee shops, Cafe Jax (it’s where I used to sit and study for the GRE!). I had really wanted to eat dinner at Rosemary’s our first night in the city (my intern roommates and I loved it when we lived in that area), but the wait was insane when we arrived around 6:30, so we opted to go to Westville (another staple!). I couldn’t get Rosemary’s off my mind, though, so we came back suuuper early the next evening (at like 5:15 pm on a Sunday, go ahead and judge us!) and were seated right away (the hostess even remembered us from the night before). We were still fairly stuffed from our brunch at Lafayette Grand that morning (make a reservation and order the lemon pancakes with fresh fruit!), so we just split a pasta and some salad and ended up grabbing fries at Pommes Frites (another must) after seeing the Rockettes that night. It was a blast going to the show and we made it extra festive by walking past the shops on 5th Avenue before heading over (the Saks window displays were adorable!).

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.25.45 AM


As for other things I did while there: I stopped in to see the new Sezane store and it was beautiful! I had been wanting to go in Paris, but it was closed at the time of my visit (late August = when all the Parisians go away and a lot of things shut down). I also made it back to my trusty used bookstore (not the one pictured above!), which is such a hidden gem. My mom also wanted to check out the Birkenstock pop-up, which was conveniently located near the High Line and Chelsea Market, so I got to show her both of those spots, too. My roommate and I would lounge and read magazines on the High Line back in the day! I didn’t really shop during this trip but did get this cute print from one of my favorite shops in Chelsea Market. I’ve already framed it and hung it up outside of my room, and the other city options are also adorable–I had eyed the Philly one when I lived there but never purchased it. Also !!! we walked by Grove Court (pictured above) because I’d been wanting to see it forever. Luckily enough, a resident happened to be walking in while my mom and I were standing outside taking pictures, and he invited us to come through the gate to get a few shots! It’s seriously such a beautiful residence and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live there (although my guess is it would be a little annoying with all of the tourists walking by to snap pictures!).


On Monday, I had plans to explore on my own and stay with a college friend at night, but I was kind of exhausted and ended up leaving a bit earlier in the day (however, I’m excited for my next “friend trip” to the city, whenever that may be!). I did make it back to ByChloe a second time and walked around the surrounding area after grabbing the delicious pink drink at Cha Cha Matcha. I also popped in to Two Little Red Hens, which is one of my favorite little bakeries on the Upper East Side, and grabbed a salad to go from Just Salad–even though I ate their stuff for lunch multiple times a week while living in NYC, I still can’t get enough!

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