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Happy day after Christmas! I hope that everyone who celebrated yesterday had a great holiday–I’m headed back to work today, as I can’t really take any time off yet at my new job! However, we did get a four day weekend this past weekend and will for NYE as well, so it’s really just a three-day work week.

I’ll soon be finished with my first full calendar year of blogging, which will mean that I’ve been posting on here for almost a year and a half total! I thought it would be fun to share some of my top-clicked posts from 2017 as a way to look back on the year’s content and recirculate some posts you may have missed (in all honesty, I love when other bloggers share their top posts of the year because sometimes I stumble upon ones I inadvertently forgot to read!).

1) An App for Home Goods? This super short post has been pretty popular, but I actually never ended up purchasing anything from app that I talk about here. The selections seemed pretty limited at the time I was browsing it, but hopefully it will expand!


2) The Best Feel Good Movies on Netflix. I published this post last January 1, but my opinions still stand (although it’s always sad when Netflix takes certain movies off of their site, so I’m not sure if all of these are currently available). Love all of these classics!

3) How to Crush it on Craigslist: A Q&A. I haven’t done quite as much Craigslisting since moving into my new apartment (living up a set of spiral stairs will do that to ya! Plus, I do like all of the items that I brought with me and haven’t felt as much of an urge to redecorate). However, this post is full of all of the tips you need to score that dream item on Craigslist before it’s too late! I recently updated with a photo of my new space featuring a dresser that was a fun Craigslist find and works super well in my current bedroom.


4) An Easy DIY for Summer. I love being able to share creative projects on the blog, so this post was an especially fun one to write. I’m also now the owner of way too many sequin-lettered hats. The project was affordable, turned out cute, and is definitely quick and beginner-level (no tears involved), which you can’t always say about DIYs!

5) Q&A with Cole from Cookbookish: I’m so happy that you all enjoyed this post as much as I did–and if you don’t follow Cole, hop on over to her Instagram and add her for tons of yummy, healthy meal inspo. Months later I’m still inspired by all of her recipes, and I’ll probably be bookmarking a few as I hop on the post-holiday detox bandwagon!

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