Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Home


It may not quite be time to take down those holiday decorations (we usually left them up through New Years growing up), but with December on its way out, you’re likely thinking about how you’ll survive without all of that festive decor ways to spruce up your home for 2018. I’m sharing a few of my tried and true tips that are cute and easy, and most importantly, won’t require a total overhaul of your space.

1) Add fresh flowers. I definitely don’t keep fresh flowers in the apartment on a regular basis, but I love grabbing some either before a photo shoot or when I know I’ll be entertaining. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of cheap bouquets, so I almost always grab mine there. I love how they offer so much variety each season, and their flowers seem to last for a decent amount of time! For affordable, eye-catching, and long-lasting plants, I love Little Leaf, which is located right in my neighborhood and is where two of the three plants pictured in this post are from.

2) Grab some new items for your bar cart. Put away the candy canes and peppermint Schnapps and put out some fancy bottles of your favorite wine, liquor, or mixer. I also love displaying new glassware I purchase and frequently find myself rotating out pieces.

IMG_9077 (1)

3) Clean out your cupboards. Eat up food that’s been sitting in there for ages and toss things that have expired. You may surprised what’s hidden back there. Have extra granola bars or bagged snacks that you never eat when you’re at home? Bring them to work and stash them in your desk drawer for emergencies. Honestly, anything tastes good when it’s 4 pm and you’re absolutely starving! I kept a supply of Annie’s crackers in my desk at my old job, and I never regretted having a package on hand for that mid-afternoon slump.

4) Switch out your wall art. I do this fairly frequently as well. Sometimes I swap out a piece and pop a new one into the frame, while other times I re-do my gallery wall completely to add in entirely new pieces. Just make sure you’re storing your backup art in a place where it won’t get crushed or crinkled. The last thing you’d want is to accidentally break glass on a frame or get wrinkles in a favorite print. I keep a lot of my extra pieces in an under-bed bin for easy access and safekeeping.

5) Do your chores. Vacuum, clean, wash your sheets…it can weirdly be kind of therapeutic, and you’ll go into the new year feeling so much better about the state of your space (bonus: if you’re having friends over for NYE and will need to tidy your place up anyway, you can kill two birds with one stone).


6) Organize paperwork. Go through all of those bills and junk mail that’s been piling up and file away the things you need to keep in a folder. I keep old pay stubs and important documents in a folder in my desk drawer (though I should probably just go digital with some of this stuff!). However, knowing where things are located makes it super easy if I need to grab something quickly.

7) Organize and donate. If you’ve gotten some new pieces over the holidays, you may want to donate or sell lesser-worn items sitting in your closet. Take advantage of your time off and get those old items out the door so that they aren’t cramping your style (literally) when you’re going through your closet each morning before work.

What tips would you add to this list? It’s really the little things that make a huge difference in improving your space!


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