No real format today…just popping in to share some life updates, as it’s been weeks since I’ve done one of these!

How has everyone’s four-day week been going? Since I was working for a few days during the week between Christmas and New Years, I didn’t feel the same stress that a lot of people did after having been off for a week and a half (however, saying goodbye to my second four-day weekend in a row wasn’t a fun feeling). Still, on New Years Day I was about ready to start getting back into a normal routine. Speaking of which–I love that (per an Insta poll I posted last week) lots of you don’t love NYE either. It’s such an overhyped holiday and there’s always too much pressure, but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that feels this way! I ended up hanging out with college, grad school, and DC friends (all at once, which I love!), starting out at my place and then going to another person’s apartment in Arlington. I couldn’t have been happier with how our plans turned out (plus, lots of champagne and “What Do You Meme” were involved!).

A few things I’m thinking about this week…

-I was thrilled to find out on Wednesday that I’d been named one of The Everygirl’s top 10 home tours from 2017. I actually had no idea about this and only found out when glancing at my blog analytics, so it was truly a happy surprise. I am so appreciative of everyone who viewed the feature and has been supportive of my nonstop decorating! 😉 Being profiled on The Everygirl was a dream–not only because I got to share my personal style on a site I love, but also because I got to talk about a lot of non-decor topics and be connected to some new readers along the way!

-Laugh if you want, but I’ve kind of been experimenting with a “hack” before committing to a new gym. I’m pretty sure that I’ll join the gym at the university where I work, but since they’re currently closed for winter break, the gym doesn’t open again for awhile (why it’s closed for so long, I don’t know…there are tons of people on campus!). However, I decided that skimping on workouts until the gym opened (especially right after the holiday season) was a no-no for me, and I needed a more than a 5-class monthly ClassPass pack to tide me over for two weeks. That said, I didn’t want to spend $$ in the process. So, in the meantime, I’ve been free trial-ing gyms in the area, and it’s actually been really fun! One gym gave me an awesome 5-day pass that allowed me to use the location near my apartment as well as the one near my office. It’s probably a little out of my price range in the long run, but I’m glad I was able to sample it and get a sense of the offerings. I’m visiting three (!) more gyms this week and while the free workouts totally don’t suck, I honestly, could end up signing up for one of them if they seem more convenient and are within the same price range as the university one. What makes toting workout stuff around the city more enjoyable? A fun tote–I got this Lululemon one (although in a smaller size, which isn’t appearing online) for Christmas and am in love–it’s super sturdy, sleek, and holds a ton.

-On Tuesday night I spontaneously took myself to a free improv show alone and enjoyed it! Since I already had an appointment right after I got out of work and wouldn’t be making it to the gym or anything anyway, I figured I might as well do something fun in the evening and Googled away. While I’m not one to go to a restaurant or a bar alone, I honestly didn’t feel that weird about doing this and would recommend that other people try something similar!

-I need exciting work lunch ideas. I’m really proud of myself for packing lunch for work every day since starting my new job (I did go out on the first day, but mainly because I wasn’t sure of the protocol). We’ve had a few team lunches here and there, but the general culture at my office is to bring, and I’m all about that…I can easily pack a week’s worth of lunches for $20 or less, which is such a steal in the long run. I do need to think of some new healthy ideas to switch things up a bit, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! Also, does anyone else agree that whatever other people are doing totally sets the tone when it comes to lunch? When I worked in magazines, a lot of people brought their food, but at another place I worked, everyone swore by their daily $10 salad and I easily fell into that trap because my homemade sandwiches just didn’t look as good…haha. Anyway, I’m very happy about low cost meals (I really dislike spending money on food!) and am going to do my best to keep it up!

-Resolutions. I shared some of my goals for the year on here last week, but honestly I feel like my list of resolutions is a mile long. In that spirit, I really enjoyed this article from The Everygirl–check it out! As for how my personal goals are going…I’ve been doing well, actually! I’ve barely spent anything all week minus paying for essentials, took the bus to and from work every day despite the temptation to take a $3 Uber Pool in the cold (which is obviously a steal, but adds up), haven’t broken Dry January (though that’s easy to say because I’m writing this pre-weekend), and have enjoyed free workouts and cooking at home. We’ll see how long I can keep this up…

Whew–much longer post than I meant to write! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and stays warm!

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  1. So glad I discovered your blog! I’m also in the DC area (Arlington to be exact) and I’ve been so inspired by your posts. I absolutely adore your interior style and finds from Amazon, Target, CL, etc. Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2018! <3

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