Winter Workout Essentials


New year, new workout routine, right? Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who happens to be looking for a new gym during the biggest month for enrollment, but hey, I’ve always been more motivated when working out in a crowded gym than an empty one!

However, in addition to awful weather during the winter months (which can be enough to deter you from heading out to exercise), actually getting to the gym can be even more of a pain due to icy sidewalks and the need for lots of layering. Having gone to college in Maine where the gym was actually pretty far away compared to everything else on our small campus, I’m used to bundling up and making the trek down and have followed basically the same routine for the past 8+ years.

I mentioned last week that I’m loving my new workout bag from Lululemon (thanks, Mom!). While I’ve never really carried a workout bag before–generally I would come home from work/school and change before heading to the gym–this one has been great so far (still unsure why the small size, which I have, isn’t back on the site!). What’s great about this bag is that it’s water-resistent, which is key when walking in who-knows-what kind of weather. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a much sturdier option than your standard canvas tote.

When walking to the gym, I always wear my Hunter boots or something similar if there’s even the smallest amount of snow or ice on the ground. The last thing you’d want is to slip on your way there, and sneakers just aren’t great to walk in during this kind of weather. While it’s a pain to carry around an extra pair of shoes, I find it necessary. Even an old pair of Uggs will do! I also generally wear cropped leggings to work out and therefore appreciate the extra warmth and coverage that tall boots provide on my walk down…cold ankles are a no-no.

Lastly, while I’m one of those people who always needs music to work out–movies/podcasts just don’t do it for me–I’ve found that I need a little extra inspiration in the winter on the walk to the gym, which seems to go on and on. This, this, and this are three of my favorite warmup songs at the moment (sort of random, I know), but they keep me energized so I’m not thinking about how cold my body is as I walk outside.

Speaking of which, I’m always looking for new workout playlists…if you have any suggestions for can’t miss music, let me know!

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  1. I have that same lululemon bag! It really makes all the difference when I’m lugging all my sh!t to work and then to exercise classes right after! I’ve learned that if I don’t workout right after I get off work and before I get home, I won’t workout!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

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