Abstract Art from Minted


I’ve posted these photos on Instagram and gotten some questions about the beautiful Minted piece that we have in our dining area. I was lucky enough to actually score the framed piece on Craigslist last spring for $60, which is an amazing deal considering that the art itself costs over $90 for such a large size. As soon as I saw the posting, I knew I had to have the piece–even though I wasn’t sure where it would go!


The back of the frame indicates that the framing was done by Framebridge, a company that’s based right here in Georgetown and has been a favorite of mine for the past few years (I’ve purchased many of their framed Instagram prints and gave one as a gift to my dad this past Christmas, featuring a beautiful photo that he took in Paris).

I love the fun pop of color that this piece adds to our little nook. The funniest part? Shannon, one of my favorite interior design bloggers, has the same one (and in the same frame, as shown below!). Given that I bought the print from someone else in DC, my guess is that she was inspired by Shannon’s blog when choosing the frame!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.30.59 PM

Are you a fan of abstract art? It definitely doesn’t go with the decor scheme I have going on upstairs, but I love the modern touch it brings to our living space.

Photos of my home by forbettersdays4@gmail.com 

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