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It may seem silly that I decided to spruce up my bathroom given that most days (or really, weeks) I’m the only one who uses it, since my roommate also has her own. However, before our Houzz photo shoot, I was feeling inspired to make it a little more glamorous given that I always see so many cute bathroom designs on Instagram and Pinterest and my space is actually kind of cool, with lots of exposed brick and fun architectural elements! I decided to decorate a bit using items I already had, and I’m loving how it turned out.


One day before work (I kid you not…) I decided that I would take the medicine cabinet off the wall (it looked–and was–pretty easy, thankfully), and transferred all of my supplies into tote bags for the time being. I then grabbed the ornate gold mirror I’d purchased on eBay last fall and transferred it from a little vanity/dressing table that I never really use to the bathroom. I absolutely love how it looks against the exposed brick! The gold mirror really adds an awesome pop of elegance, not to mention the large size is super helpful when getting ready. I’ll admit that I do miss the storage that the medicine cabinet provided, but I’ve since purchased some more bins for my bathroom shelf, and all of my products fit in there just fine.


Next, I decided to order a plain white soap dispenser from Amazon (it was under $5!) instead of displaying my CVS brand soap bottles. I ordered these bins for my bathroom shelf (not pictured) and love how they’re plain and not see-through, as while it’s helpful to know exactly where stuff is located, most beauty/health products (like my bottles of vitamins, extra deodorant, etc) aren’t that fun to look at and can be kind of junky-looking when displayed. I did keep extra toilet paper under my little tables (where I set my hair straightener and makeup bag when getting ready) for convenience and also left a jar of nail polish on display.


On the day of the shoot, I grabbed some eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s and it added the perfect touch–and smelled SO good. I also put my Diptyque jars on display for a glamorous touch. I keep them filled with fun products including bobby pins (which are a daily staple for me) and pretty lip colors. While I ended up taking the candle jars off of the toilet seat after the shoot (I was worried my things would fall into the toilet and be gone forever), they sure looked cute and are definitely functional. Side note: When living with a small bathroom, having things falling out of the medicine cabinet and into the toilet is far too common….the struggle! This would happen to me a ton in NYC and I’d have to ask the beauty editor at the magazine I worked at if I could grab an extra mascara out of the beauty closet because mine had to be thrown away!

IMG_0312 (1)

Last but not least, I wanted a new bathroom rug (I still keep a traditional bathmat right by the shower) to keep in front of the sink. I mentioned ordering this one from Target and I love it–it’s exactly the color scheme I was going for and looks nice with the brick. Now I just need to hope it stays in tact despite being in a semi-dangerous place in terms of wear.

If you have any bathroom decorating tips (it feels weird to write that out, but I really enjoyed sprucing up my little space), let me know!


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  1. Super cute! I love the idea of sprucing up a bathroom to make it more glam. Mine is a pretty blank slate right now and I’m still playing around with the never ending challenge of what to store – what to display. Thanks for sharing these fun ideas!

    1. It’s definitely a space I neglect most of the time, but now that I’ve made these easy updates, I appreciate getting ready in there so much more! Let me know if you make any fun additions to your space!

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