How to Keep up with Blogging When You’re Busy


This post is obviously geared more toward my fellow bloggers, but I think some of the steps below can be applied to any hobby or non-work task. This past week, I was super busy at my day job–there was one evening where I was handed a major, last-minute assignment around 5 pm and was in the office until 9:40 putting it together. Needless to say, I was exhausted and had zero energy to do anything blog-related–I ended up collapsing into bed the minute I got home around 10:00!

However, since I try to schedule my posts and other content ahead of time as much as possible (not including my Friday ones, which I do the day before to keep them current), it’s easy for me to “abandon” the blog during the week if I feel like it and not feel as though I’m super behind. Of course I realize that I could also take a break from blogging for a week or maybe even a month and probablyyyyy nobody would notice, but I genuinely enjoy keeping this little site going! I also find that when I’m busy with other facets of life, I like to still maintain some amount of order where I can! Lastly, I like to keep a consistent online presence rather than bombarding my followers with content on some days and going MIA other times.


With that explanation out of the way, here are some tips I use to stay on top of the blog during busy weeks:

1) Take notes. If I’m on the go (waiting for a bus in the morning, between meetings, on my lunch break, and the like), I’ll oftentimes jot down ideas for future posts in the Notes section of my iPhone. This makes it easy to come back later and easily access the thoughts I had. I feel like there are times when I have absolutely zero idea what I should blog about, so it’s helpful to write down ideas as I think of them, even if I can’t delve into writing the posts for a few days. I definitely don’t use a formal system or keep an editorial calendar–too much work, in my opinion!

2) Write ahead. I’ve always been a big “work ahead” person–completing assignments under pressure–whether they’re work/school-related or even for fun–is not enjoyable for me! I also find that I get little jolts of energy where I’m inspired to tackle a certain task for an extended period. If I’m feeling especially inclined to blog during one of these bursts, I’ll try to crank out several posts at a time and schedule them for the coming week. While I’m spending the same amount of time writing as I would had I spread the process out over a few days, not having to sit down and work on a post every day is helpful. Some days there just isn’t time–or even if there is, maybe I’m burnt out from work, want to use my free time to hang out with people or watch a show, etc. I like having blog things ready to go for the week so that I can devote my time on whatever else comes my way.

3) Plan your social media. I’m super wishy-washy about the photos I want to post on Instagram, so this next technique doesn’t always work for me. However, if I know I want to post a certain photo to broadcast a specific post on the blog (I like to do this because I have more Instagram followers than blog readers, so it’s a great way to direct traffic to the site), I’ll draft a post within the Instagram app and save it so that I can easily post the photo the first thing in the morning. If you don’t know how to save an Instagram post as a draft, this quick tutorial explains how. This saves me the task of having to come up with a caption and edit the photo when I’m already busy getting myself out the door or am busy in the office. If only you could schedule Instagram posts to just go on their own…though this definitely makes things easier!

What do you do to keep your blog running when things get busy? I’d love to hear additional tips!

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  1. Writing down notes for future posts while commuting is one of my favorite tricks! It definitely helps to have a bank of possible post topics to refer to whenever you’re feeling tired or uninspired.

    1. It really does–I definitely go through periods where I just have no idea what to write about, so keeping a list throughout the week helps a ton!

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