My Favorite Thrift Stores in DC

I talk a lot about my thrifting adventures on Instagram stories, but I figured I’d go into a bit more detail on here about some of my favorite local places to find amazing pieces at great prices! In addition to Craigslist, which still remains a favorite, there are plenty of “real life” stores to browse if you find yourself wanting to make over your space or do a quick DIY.

First, of course, would be Goodwill. I think my first time going into a Goodwill was in college because there was one near campus, and it was always a good place to go for last minute theme party attire. I distinctly remember my friends and I trying on tons of random formal dresses before a friend’s Great Gatsby themed party freshman year, haha. I never paid much attention to what else was there–although I did pick up some gold picture frames one time and still have them in my current apartment! However, Goodwill can be a gold mine when it comes to furniture, especially in an area like DC where 1) there are tons of stylish people, and 2) there is a lot of turnover with people frequently moving in and out of apartments and parting with their stuff. I like Goodwill because the prices are super cheap, which is perfect for me because I have a hard time committing to furniture (if you haven’t noticed, I move things around and change things up all the time, so I don’t want to spend $$$$ on a piece only to rearrange a few months later). I also like finding items that are priced well and easy to fix with a little DIY–spray painting on my roof has become my new weekend activity, because it’s such a fast, inexpensive way to make over a piece that has great bones. There are several Goodwills in Northern Virginia and one in Northeast DC (I prefer the Arlington ones because the NE location is a bit of a hike), and I’ve had lots of luck at each, recently scoring a cool rattan chair, some fun side tables, and lots of blue and white pottery/ginger jars!

My favorite neighborhood place is Miss Pixie’s, which I also talk about a lot on Instagram. I easily pop in there once a week and also frequently check the new arrivals section of their website. Most of the time I don’t end up buying anything when I stop by, but it helps to browse often because their items get snatched up quickly. I bought my gold bar cart there (pictured above) and it had only come into the store a few hours earlier! While many of their items are priced in the West Elm/CB2 range, there are also some surprisingly affordable pieces (my bar cart was only $70, which is less than Target prices!). The pricing isn’t super consistent, in my opinion, so it helps to browse around in the store. You may be surprised to find a bar cart priced at $325 but then stumble upon a cute trinket for only $6. There was actually a bamboo side table that I was interested in but passed up when I saw that it was priced at $110 (not worth it for that style), but then last weekend I found the exact same style at Goodwill for $10, spray painted it, and am currently using it as a nightstand!

A new-to-me place that I need to visit more is Good Wood, which is located a few blocks up from Miss Pixie’s and also has a range of prices. I stopped in last weekend–it was only my second time–and bought a Turkish rug and a great piece of pottery for a steal. Etsy is great, but seeing an item like a rug in person is definitely helpful. They also had cane chairs for $38, some neat benches, and lots of candles and home goods. Note to self: keep stopping in here–but not too frequently. 😉

I’ve also talked about the Georgetown Flea before, although I’m not sure if it’s open year round–definitely go in the summer and fall if the weather is good, though! When I moved into my current apartment, I purchased some items there for great prices (one of which is my orange cane couch, pictured at the top of this post), but each vendor has a different range–for example, Turkish rugs there will easily go for $400-500 (yikes!). Whether you’re looking for a knick knack or a side table, it’s definitely worth browsing (and checking back often–it can be hit or miss, in my opinion). Also, don’t forget about garage sales/church rummage sales in the summer and fall–I’ve had a lot of luck with those since moving to DC, and prices are often very low!


Another Georgetown fave is the Opportunity Shop on Wisconsin. Again, you won’t always leave with a find, but it’s worth browsing–I purchased the tortoiseshell candle holders pictured above for only $16 total! The hours are pretty limited, but it’s an easy place to pop into if you’re strolling around on the weekend.

I really enjoy thrifting because I love the thrill of the find–it’s way more fun to me to go shopping and not know what I’ll come across than to go to a store like West Elm and browse around. Plus, buying furniture secondhand is a great way to go green and is perfect for those of us who like trying out new trends but can’t always justify paying retail. Got any thrifting tips to share? I’d love to hear!

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