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Happy Friday! Who’s watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight? My boss is going to Korea and will be at the Olympics while she’s there, so I’ve been doing tons of research on it this week and am excited to relax and enjoy the Games from home! Two of my friends are coming over for a wine and baking night (much needed after a not-so-great week) and tomorrow morning I’m hitting up a Soul Cycle class (now that I’ve joined a gym near my apartment, I’m trying to save my classes for when I really have time rather than cramming them in on busy days), so it should be a pretty relaxing weekend (oh, and I’ve been binge watching Hart of Dixie since last Saturday, so that’ll be happening, too…exciting stuff.).

I mentioned an awesome Zara Home piece in this post, but my love for the store has only grown in recent weeks! I mean, how amazing is this woven bench that I snagged on sale for $39 (it’s now sold out, sorry!)?!


I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure how long it would take to receive it, since Zara is based overseas and all shipping is free (which just seems too good to be true) but the bench arrived in a DAY (it was shipped from Pennsylvania). So speedy!

I’m sure I’ll be moving it around/styling it a lot as usual, but for now, I’m going to use it as a little foot stool.

Here are a few other Zara Home pieces I’m loving lately:

Stylish magazine storage:


Floral wine glasses:


This shabby chic mirror:


A perfectly fall throw pillow cover:


Knobs that would look super classy on an IKEA piece:


Happy shopping/happy weekend!


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