A Few Things I’m Loving


Happy Thursday! Who else is looking forward to a three-day weekend? My mom and I are thinking about possibly doing a day trip or something along those lines, destination TBD. I can’t believe it’s already mid-February, it feels like the month just started!

Short post today with a few random-ish things I’ve been loving lately:

Hart of Dixie. I mentioned this last Friday, but the obsession is still real. Before I started watching, I had been picturing it to be a Southern Grey’s Anatomy or something, but the medical component of the show is super minimal (making it a little more boring at times but it’s also kind of nice to not have to watch people being sliced in half every minute–I always joke that it took me two seasons of Grey’s to be able to eat while watching, haha). I’m also iffy on whether I love Rachel Bilson or not (I never watched the OC or anything, so I can’t really compare her in this show to any of her other roles), but I’m entertained for now (cheesy shows are addicting for a reason, right?).

This pillow. I found it on sale at Target the other week when I really needed a pick me up and it was just so soft that I couldn’t say no! It’s funny, though, because I keep walking into Target and browsing the home section and just not wanting to leave with anything (which is good for my wallet!). I love all of the new items but also kind of feel like I’d have to redecorate my entire room/apartment to make them work, if that makes sense. I don’t know.

Baking. Ok, by baking I really mean making, like, no-bake cookies because I have no talent in the kitchen whatsoever. However, I’ve been bookmarking a few recipes on Pinterest (mostly involving PB and chocolate) and made these over the weekend. I brought the extras in to work earlier this week and they were a hit (plus they’re SO easy to whip up).


Hat walls. The other day I posted an Insta story asking what I should do on the wall above my desk, and while I got several great suggestions, my favorite was to do a hat wall! I love how the one above looks (and am also a fan of the one at the top of this post) and am hoping to recreate something similar if I can pull it off!

Half-Baked Harvest. Who else has been following Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard? Pretty incredible! If you didn’t know, Red’s sister Tiegan is a pretty famous food blogger/’grammer, and her recipes look amazing. Go follow her if you don’t already (pretty sure I was living under a rock until I read about her last week while stalking their family, haha. Talk about an accomplished group of siblings). Also, can I move into her barn?!

This apartment tour. I think Lauren and I could easily be BFFs…sorry, all, moving to NYC to watch SATC marathons in her cute living space. I don’t think I could ever personally deal with the lofted bed situation, though…walking up the spiral stairs to my room every day is complicated enough!

Oh, and one more thing, but because I’m nosy…this list shows how much people spend on engagement rings in each state.

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