My Favorite Neighborhood Spots

Hope everyone who had yesterday off from work enjoyed their three-day weekend! My mom and I went to Frederick, Maryland, for a morning of antiquing (well, mostly browsing!) and explored the cute downtown area. It’s definitely a must-visit if you’re local, especially if you love searching for the perfect home accent (I only walked away with a couple of items, but it’s because it took major self control!).

First things first before getting into today’s post. If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation to Everytown. Every amount helps–I think we all can agree that what happened on Wednesday was horrific and that taking action in any way we can is the best way to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

It feels silly to move right along into today’s post, but it also would’ve felt weird not to say anything on the blog–it’s sad that these events have become all too frequent in American society, and we can help make a difference.

I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite spots around Dupont/Logan Circle since I’m coming up on five months living in this neighborhood! The time seriously has flown and am so glad we found this apartment and but also chose this location. The neighborhood is adorable and friendly, on a metro line, and most of all,  is an area where people want to come hang out (getting people over to Georgetown was a struggle at times–it’s a fun spot, but so many popular bars/restaurants/stores are over here!). So, here we go with a few must-sees in this neck of the woods (sorry in advance for the in the moment iPhone photos!):



I love how many fun murals there are in the neighborhood! I’d been meaning to check out the Watermelon House forever and finally took a walk over there last month–so cute. I also love this fun Buddha wall my friend and I spotted this past fall–it’s right by the Whole Foods on P Street, if you’ve never noticed!


I’m also a huge fan of the Dupont farmers market, mainly just for browsing on lazy weekend mornings. It’s open year-round which is super nice, and they always have tons of free samples! The pastries there are amazing–Carrie and I walked down and tried some the morning after we moved in and I’m still thinking about the one I had!


Jeni’s is the new “it” spot for ice cream if you ask me! It opened up this past fall and had me hooked right away with its witty signs and delicious flavors. It’s a chain, so see if there’s one near you! Ice Cream Jubilee is also delicious, and Mr. Yogato is also the perfect little spot for a quick froyo run–it’s super no frills and only has a couple of flavors, but definitely order the tart with a bunch of toppings.

Miss Pixie’s has been a favorite of mine for a few years, but I barely made it into the store more than a couple of times a year until I moved into the neighborhood…now I easily go once a week–read more about it in this post. As for more shopping, you can’t go wrong with Salt and Sundry, West Elm, and Little Leaf all within a few minute radius of one another.

In terms of restaurants, Ted’s Bulletin, El Centro, Ghibellina, and Duke’s Grocery are all delicious…I also had brunch at Brick Lane a few weeks ago and went to happy hour at Agora, both of which are places I recommend (brunch at Agora this coming weekend is next on my list!).

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