How I Got Back Into My Workout Routine

I’ve you’ve read this blog awhile or we’re friends in real life, you probably have heard about my struggles to find a good gym in my new neighborhood (and I even went as far as testing about 5-6 different options earlier this year!). Fortunately, I’ve found a gym that’s about a two minute walk away, and while it costs a little more than I’d like for a pretty basic workout facility, the minimal distance is SUCH a selling point. I love being able to go either straight from work or after dropping off my stuff, and it’s so nice to not have to worry about commuting back to my apartment at the end of a tiring workout.

I was realizing the other day that this is probably why I went in New York so much–my gym was a minimal distance away and just fit so well into my routine as a result of the lack of travel time. It’s amazing how something like even traveling 15 minutes each way to go work out can put a damper on your day! And once I started going a few days in a row, my habit slowly formed and it became easier to make working out an everyday or almost everyday thing.

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Another thing I’ve enjoyed this year is treating myself to Soul Cycle classes every now and then (I bought a pack last month) to switch things up. I always look forward to working out there (more than anywhere else!) and having a studio relatively nearby (I can walk in roughly 10 minutes) has been an awesome benefit. While I likely won’t splurge on these every month (gotta keep my priorities in line!), they were a great weekend or after work activity on days I needed a little more motivation (there’s nothing like good music and an instructor yelling at you to keep you working hard for 45 minutes!).

If you’re struggling to find a good gym or just feel blah about working out, try seeing if there are simple ways you can adjust. For example, I discovered my college iPod again the other day (seriously throwback over here…) and am LOVING listening to my favorite songs from, like, six years ago. Good music is a game changer–if you need recs, message me! I’m also super picky about machines (not all ellipticals are created equal!) and kept that in mind during my gym search as well. If you’re stuck at a gym for a certain period of time due to a contract, see what other machines you can try…you may be surprised what else you like. I absolutely hated the ellipticals at my grad school gym and basically ended up biking the whole year (not my favorite thing to do every single day, but it was nice to have a little change). Making even the slightest adjustments will make your exercise routine feel like WAY less of a chore!


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