My Favorite Versatile Home Items

As someone who admittedly likes to move things around and try out new decor super frequently, it’s hard for me to feel super “attached” to certain items (actually, that’s not 100 percent true…I just want to keep everything and switch it out as often as I please–if only I had the space!). However, there are several pieces that I’ve purchased over the past few months and even years and haven’t regretted for a second.

First up is the Louis mirror I bought before moving into my current apartment. I’d been wanting one for awhile, and when Ballard Designs was having one of their sales, I went for it. I love the style–it’s elegant without being too over the top, so it goes with lots of different styles. It really completes my dresser area and is totally functional and big enough for me to get a good view of my outfit.

Hado Photo
Hado Photo

My IKEA couch is something I mention in all of my home tours because it’s such a classic (at least in my spaces!). It’s held up wonderfully over the past four-plus years (minus several wine spills on the cushions, which I eventually replaced for good last summer by ordering a new slipcover). The only problem is that the new slipcover that IKEA makes is made of slightly different fabric than the sofa. I wouldn’t say it’s super noticeable, but it sticks out a little. I’ve also been really happy with the color–the gray goes with lots of different patterns and isn’t “loud” by any means. Trust me, you don’t need to have a $1,000 couch to tie your space together!

I bought this lamp from Target last year and while it’s currently in our living room, it could really work anywhere. I purchased a standing version off of Craigslist when we moved in, and that one is downstairs as well. I love the modern look and the gold, although I wouldn’t say it provides the best light. Still, for the price and the cute look, it’s a fave!

This jute rug from West Elm is everywhere, and for a good reason. I got ours on Craigslist right before moving in, and I snagged it for a steal (only $50!), which was amazing! It’s such a popular rug and is totally comfortable on its own (I was worried about the texture of the jute) or would look good with a colorful rug layered over it. It doesn’t shed too much (another concern of ours), although I’ve noticed little fibers on my clothes if I’ve been sitting directly on it.


Call them unnecessary or overpriced (I won’t challenge you) but Diptyque candles are such a fun luxury item to have at home. They smell amazing, look stylish even when they’re empty, and add the right amount of glam to any space. This past summer, I had the chance to visit the Diptyque store while I was in Paris, and it was a dream–so many good smells!

What’s on your “must list” in terms of home items?

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