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Lately I’ve been alllll about the plants. I purchased my first big plant over the weekend (at the hardware store, actually, for about $45!) and I’m loving the burst of energy it brings into my little nook upstairs. I’m also slightly nervous about accidentally killing it, and the lady at the hardware store who was answering all of my (very many) questions definitely wanted to laugh at me, but to be fair, I’ve heard that fiddle leafs are temperamental!

Earlier in the day, I had actually stopped in Little Leaf, one of my all-time favorite stores in the neighborhood (it’s adorable and happy and lively!) and fallen in lust with a lemon tree, but the salesperson warned me against buying it because of the direction my windows faced (he even located the compass app on my phone to help me be sure, haha). I was bummed to leave it behind, but I’d rather not bring an expensive plant home just to kill it, so the lemon tree will have to wait. In the summer, though, I could potentially reevaluate and get one for our roof!

I’ll admit that I’m not only drawn to plants because of the liveliness and color that the bring into a room, but also because they can make a normal space look SO good. I mean, seriously, can I turn our upstairs area into the room below?!):


I’m really glad I thought to check the hardware store for a fiddle leaf plant, as while I’m obsessed with Little Leaf, they were selling fiddle leafs for about $110 versus $45ish at the ACE Hardware on 14th. I did look a little silly carrying the plant home with me (it’s pretty big, as you can tell in the picture, but thankfully was more bulky than heavy). I already had the woven basket at home (I was using it to store extra toilet paper in my bathroom) and realized it would make a cute planter, especially for something of this size.

If you’re a plant lover, how do you keep your green babies alive? I’m all ears!

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