My Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases


When I started grad school in 2015, I signed up for a free trial of Student Prime on Amazon and have been hooked ever since. In New York, I tried to make a lot of my bulk orders (for things like toilet paper, paper towels, and shampoo) on after a friend told me about their deals (I think this was before the days of Prime Pantry, and we were all desperate for a way to purchase paper towels for under $2 a roll), but now I’m an Amazon girl all the way. I’ve shared a few of my recent favorite buys on Insta stories but thought I’d do a little recap on here as well:

1) Gold drawer pulls: I got several messages about these when I posted them last week, and for good reason! At $10 for a pack of 5, these are a great deal, especially when you think about similar options sold at Anthropologie for closer to $10 a pop. I ordered these to jazz up a pair of Ikea nightstands that I’d recently added to my bedroom, and I’m in love. I  put them on one morning before work and love the small touch of gold/glam that they add to my bed area.

2) Hair straightening brush: I think I have this dreadful feeling that straightening my hair from scratch takes a good half hour, when reality it’s probably closer to 8-10 minutes (I’ve mastered the process a bit more in the 14+ years I’ve been straightening!). However, that didn’t stop me from wanting to try this brush that Mackenzie posted about on her Insta stories and blog recently. I’m sometimes skeptical of hair products like this because I wonder how well they actually work, but Mackenzie gave rave reviews and it was super affordable for something that will last a long time (I’ve had my current $30 straightener for about 4 years after I ordered it on a whim when my third CHI broke unexpectedly). The verdict? I posted about it on my stories the other night, but I think the brush works pretty well–I think I’ll have to use it more than once to really decide how I feel about it, though. The ends of my hair looked a little off and I needed to fix them with my regular straightener, but the brush is great for getting the back of your head, which I think most people struggle with.

3) Coffee table books: Not all of the ones I ordered have been available on Prime, as I usually look at the used prices and go from there. This is a great way to save money on various titles if you’re willing to wait a bit for the book to arrive. I’ve recently picked up this, this, and this at a fraction of the cover price.

4) My duvet: I’ve been a comforter girl my entire life (minus the semester I studied abroad in Europe, where duvets are all the rage). There’s something about the ease of washing a comforter, putting it back on the bed, and getting it to lie smooth that always worked well for me. However, I’ve recently been drawn to the hotel-like look of a crisp white duvet and decided to order a cover (SO cheap!) and insert off Prime. I love them! The look is definitely what I was envisioning and the prices can’t be beat. Putting the duvet cover on after washing it is a total pain, but overall I’m satisfied with my purchase.

5) Sticky phone case: I’m a serial Metro card loser (thankfully I register mine online so they’re easy to cancel) but I’m hoping to put that to an end by keeping mine in this case attached to my phone. I also have an ID card that I have to buzz to get into my new gym that I’m planning to keep in here as well. I’ve always been skeptical of these sticky things because they seem like they’d just fall off, but hopefully this one will last (though I probably won’t ever put a credit card or real ID in it because I’m too paranoid).

What are you loving on Amazon–or Prime specifically–lately? I’m always looking for fun and useful products, especially ones that are on my doorstep within a matter of days!

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