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As a fairly impatient person, I feel like I’ve kind of mastered ways to make home updates happen quickly! Whether you’re in the mood to finally check stuff off of your decorating list or have house guests/a party/a photo shoot on the agenda in the near future, sometimes you just want to make things happen in a matter of days. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make quick home updates.

1) Print your own art. I used to be skeptical of digital downloads on Etsy because I never thought the prints would actually look that great if I had them done on my own. Then, in grad school, I lived right next door to a print shop and decided to give the whole digital download thing a whirl. I was super happy with how fast the prints were ready, how good they looked, and best of all, how inexpensive they were to print (usually $2 or so each). I was in the mood to jazz up my bedside art situation before my shoot with Heather over the weekend and ended up printing out a few things at the FedEx store near my office. I was able to upload the files online, select a store location, and pick them up within a matter of hours, making it super easy–no flash drive needed! If you have a Staples/CVS/FedEx nearby, try it out–I always opt for glossy paper and then pop the print into a frame I already own. This is a great way to cheaply switch out art prints and to get a new look without waiting days for things to arrive in the mail (while I love Society6 for prints, I find their shipping to be very slow most of the time).

2) Amazon Prime. As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Prime is a lifesaver on all accounts and I’ve found that sometimes items arrive within one day instead of two! I’ve also found that Prime sells home items that are often available on other sites like Wayfair and Overstock, but they obviously ship much faster on Amazon. Be sure to do some searching via Google if you’re looking at an item that may be sold in multiple places.

3) Task Rabbit. I’ve used Task Rabbit a few times for things that I just can’t do myself, which, I’ll proudly admit, isn’t much (although I’m not saying that’s a good thing…I definitely could stand to be a bit more cautious when it comes to carrying furniture pieces up my spiral staircase!). One of my friends was jokingly giving me a hard time for using Task Rabbit to hang a shelf in my bedroom, but in reality, I do all my own spray painting, lifting, and hammering the rest of the time…I just don’t trust myself with a drill! I’ve always had pretty good experiences with the service (if you’re not familiar with it, you type in your task–which can range from standing in line to building a bookcase–receive a list of various “Taskers” and their rates and reviews, and then select someone based on mutual availability. I know the service is available in cities like DC and NYC although I’m not entirely sure if they have it elsewhere. However, I definitely recommend it to knock out things that you’ll just never get around to on your own, as slots are open all the time and it’s generally fairly easy to find someone to help you.

4) Plants/flowers. Plants really add so much life to a room–I just got a new one for the shelf over my bed (which my Task Rabbit installed!) and I LOVE how it looks up there. Whether you pick up succulents or a lemon tree, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your space! If you don’t live near a plant store and need a cheaper/faster option, Trader Joe’s bouquets always save the day and are so affordable!

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