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I wanted to share a mix of “real life” photos from the week (and maybe I’ll make this more of a thing), as I always am nosy and enjoy seeing a less curated snippet of what people are doing.


On Sunday, I had a home photo shoot with Heather (can’t wait to share all of her pics sometime soon!) which meant that I was running around like a crazy person preparing on Friday evening/Saturday (plus I totally slept in longer than I intended on Sunday morning due to the time change, oops!). However, it was nice to finish the weekend with an even cleaner apartment than usual (I’m a neat freak as it is, but fresh flowers + freshly dusted surfaces always help). On a whim, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon playing tourist and headed down to the United States Botanic Garden and the National Gallery for a few hours. I never do things like this on my own–not because I don’t like to go alone; I actually love it!–but because it seems like there’s always so much regular life stuff to do that touristy stuff only happens when friends are in town.


The Botanic Garden was beautiful (we always went to see their holiday displays growing up) and was the perfect warm, sunny spot to visit. I also finally got to see the famous cakes painting at the National Gallery (and obviously left with a postcard and print).




On Tuesday, I walked down to The Coffee Bar during lunch to see what all the hype was about (it’s been popping up on my Instagram feed a ton lately), and the space is adorable! I grabbed an iced vanilla latte to go and drank it on my walk back to the office–side note: the cold weather this week has really disrupted my walking to work routine. I usually walk at least one way if not both, but it’s been freezing in the mornings and then I’ve often had plans after work that have taken me off my normal route. While at first I wasn’t a huge fan of my 20/25 minute walk each way, it’s come to feel more like 10/15 minutes and has been a great way to start/end the day. I honestly am so excited for spring weather just because my commute will be that much more enjoyable (though don’t get me wrong, you’ll likely never hear this girl complain about a commute ever again…going from 1.5-2 hours to 5-20 minutes depending if I walk or drive has been INCREDIBLE).



On my list for this weekend? Visiting the new Amazon bookstore in Georgetown (I’ve been to one in NYC and while I wasn’t necessarily blown away–I prefer used/independent bookstores any day!–it definitely is a neat concept) and potentially checking out this coffee shop. TGIF!

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