My Wellness Picks on Amazon

amazonIt seems like I can’t stop sharing my love for all things Amazon Prime lately, but I know that most of you are equally obsessed, so why not?! I was talking a little bit about my acupressure mat on my IG stories the other day and wanted to include a link to the actual product here. As I said the other day, it definitely does hurt at first/take some getting used to, but it has a cult following for a reason! Here are a few other of my wellness-related picks that you can snag on Amazon:

1) I was reading MyDomaine (love this site!) the other day and clicked on an article about sample sized items sold on Amazon. Uhh, who knew?! I immediately added this eye steam mask to my cart and am excited to use it (I love trying different products like these). Will report back with how it works!

2) I know you’re supposed to chug a tall glass of water immediately upon waking up, but let’s face it, how many of us really do this? Since I live on the second floor of my apartment, I usually don’t make it downstairs until after I’m done getting ready. However, I’ve definitely woken up thirsty too many times and decided it’s easy enough to keep a carafe by my bed (a nalgene also works, but I wanted something a little more stylish!). This one has done the trick and looks super classy for being under $20.

3) I’ve never been much of an sleep mask girl (I always wake up with them halfway across the bed; I have no idea how people can keep them on all night!), but if you’re a fan, these have gotten rave reviews.

4) Curling into bed with a good book after a long day can work wonders, and I’ve found that I equally enjoy fiction and nonfiction as long as I’m interested in the subject matter. I just read this one as part of the Girls Night In March book club, and I can’t wait to discuss later this week.

5) This is the biggest “splurge” on the list. I have a couple of NEST candles (I actually grabbed the larger one at Nordstrom Rack!) and they’re great. I always love lighting a candle at night while I read or watch Netflix; it’s become a part of my bedtime routine!

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