The Stores You Forget About When Buying Home Goods


Every time I walk down 14th Street in DC I’m bombarded with tons of places to buy home decor, including major brands like West Elm and Room and Board and smaller, local favorites like Miss Pixie’s and Salt and Sundry (I live dangerously close to all of these spots!). However, there are tons of more off-the-beaten path (and national) retailers that I often forget to scope out because I’m so used to my go-tos (Target, HomeGoods, and the like). Here are a few of my more “forgotten” favorites:


1) H&M Home: I remember when H&M Home opened in New York–I was still living there at the time and was thrilled to scope out the collection. I still make a point to check out the newest arrivals online, as their selection changes fairly frequently. Their decorative items were perfect when I was styling our bookshelves, and I’ve also picked up some fun pieces for my bedroom while shopping in-store (the Georgetown location has a huge home section). Prices are great, especially when you consider how West Elm/Anthropologie-esque some of their pieces look. I snagged the mini gold mirror for my dresser shown above for only $7 (on sale, but still!).

2) Zara Home: I actually don’t shop at Zara much, even for clothes, but I know many people who LOVE their items. Zara Home ranges from being affordable to pretty expensive depending on what you’re buying, but make a point to scope them out when they’re having sales–I picked up a lot of fun pieces this way, as I mentioned here. Shipping is free always, which is also a major selling point!

3) Hobby Lobby: This is more than your basic arts and crafts supply store, trust me! While we don’t have any Hobby Lobby stores nearby in DC, it’s easy to shop online for wall art, furniture, accessories, and more. Seriously, you could get lost in their website for hours–the selection is huge. Definitely take a look around if you’re building a gallery wall or need some accent decor that won’t break the bank…you’ll have to filter out some of the cheesier items, but there are certainly some hidden gems!

4) Nordstrom: Obviously Nordstrom is a go-to for clothing, footwear, outwear…you name it! But their home items are pretty good, too. Check back frequently and browse the sale tab–I’ve snagged some cute throws/pillows as well as fun wall art from their site (also: they’re another place that always offers free shipping!). I’ve noticed their selection can either turn over/sell out super quickly or items will remain on the site for months. Oh, and another major bonus? Nordstrom Home now sells Anthropologie items, which means you can snag the things you’ve been wanting without having to pay for shipping!

5) Chairish: I would describe Chairish as somewhat of an upscale Craigslist (and it’s much more curated!). The resale site offers tons of different home items at a range of prices and is always fun to browse. Just pay attention to hefty shipping fees, as those can certainly be a dealbreaker. However, it’s a good place to scope out if you’re in the market for a specific kind of item or really appreciate vintage pieces.

Photos by Heather Bien

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