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For the first time in forever, I have a ton of travel on the horizon! I get so excited every time I think about each of these trips, as they’re all meaningful in one way or another–yes, even the work-related ones (I didn’t travel at all in previous jobs, so this is exciting for me!). I also have never been someone who’s traveled to a ton of new places; rather, I’ve traveled a lot but to the same few destinations–mainly Florida, Minnesota, and Arizona, where I have/had relatives living–so I’m excited to cross off two new states (Georgia and Michigan) in the coming weeks/months!

Here’s what my travel itinerary looks like at the moment (my guess is Florida will be added to the list, and hopefully Minnesota as well):

NYC for a work trip Thursday-Saturday of this week

Savannah, GA, for a girls trip at the end of April

Waterville, ME, for my college reunion in early June

NYC for a work trip in mid-June

Pinehurst, NC, for my good childhood friend’s wedding at the end of June

Ann Arbor, MI, for a work conference in July

Cape Cod, MA, for another girls trip, likely in August

Woohoo! I’m so excited to have so many little getaways on the horizon, especially because I haven’t yet taken a vacation day since starting my new job in December!

On that note…

Does anyone else feel extra inspired when it comes to picking out travel outfits? I’m not one of those people who gets super jazzed about my everyday outfits, but packing is a different story. I feel like vacations are the best time to bust out a fun new bag or try a new look (partly because you’re more likely to take pictures, let’s be real!).

I’m so excited to bring my new Clare V bag to Savannah. Her pieces are definitely on the pricier side, but they’re great because while they’re totally “it” bags at the moment, they definitely have more of a timeless vibe (I don’t think woven totes will ever really go out of style!).

I also browsed the internet and found some great options that are more affordable and would be super fun for summer travel. How perfect is this little bag from Amazon, of all places?!

Last but not least, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about the famous “Away” luggage brand. I’m not too particular about my luggage and have a suitcase that I got a few years ago before taking a trip to Europe that isn’t anything super sleek or stylish but works just fine. However, several of my friends are at the point where they’re looking to upgrade their suitcases, and Away has been at the top of everyone’s list (I’m bummed they’re no longer doing a collab with Gray Malin!). One thing I learned (while reading a thread in Grace’s Facebook group–a must join!) is that some airlines are particular about the charging component in the bags. Good to know in case you’re in the market for one!

What are your travel must haves or splurges? And if you have any fun trips coming up, I’d love to hear!

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