How to Make a Regular Day Less Blah


I’m writing this after feeling a little behind with blogging and a little blah overall–settling back into reality after a weekend away in a great city will do that to you! But I’m constantly reminded that there are tons of ways to switch up your daily routine and wanted to share a few of my favorites:

-Try something that’s been on your local “must do/see” list instead of pushing it off for another day. Take advantage of the manicure deal at the place next door to your apartment building. Visit that food truck that always smells amazing and just place an order already. I know I always tell myself, “I’ll try the iced coffee at such and such place when it’s finally warm out,” and then I don’t end up doing it when the time actually comes. Same thing about the nail place across the street–do you ever feel too busy to do the things that are right in front of you? I want to make more of an effort to really get to know my surroundings the way I did in New York–being back in the city this past weekend and thinking things like “this is where so and so and I would meet up for lunch every week” or “this is where I’d sneak out and get frozen yogurt at 3 pm in the summer” made me nostalgic for having more of a little routine.


-Do a weekend activity on a weeknight. Obviously things like going to Target or having dinner at a fun restaurant are fairly common weekend activities, but whenever I do something like this on a weeknight, I feel like I’m totally unplugging from my normal routine (not to mention, stores/restaurants are way less crowded on random Tuesday nights than they are on Saturdays!). Midweek retail/restaurant therapy is the best way to break up a hectic schedule and veering from your normal post-work gym or happy hour routine will leave you feeling refreshed.

-Combine “work” and “play.” The other day, I really wanted to get a workout in but also was starving when I came home from work and knew I needed to eat right away or else I’d last about five minutes in the gym. Does this happen to anyone else? I hate when it does! I decided that I’d eat dinner and then take a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. And it was amazing. I listened to Grace‘s podcast while walking my loop, scoped out some colorful houses, and even stopped for a small thing of froyo (which probably negated most of the workout, but still).

-Picture your day through someone else’s eyes. When I’ve visited friends in their cities, I’ve loved imagining what my life would be like if I lived there, too. Adapt the same mindset but pretend you’re a stranger in your current neighborhood. You’d be surprised at what’s right in front of you that you never take advantage of or what you’re taking for granted that’s actually a huge perk (hello, everything in NYC!).

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