Get the Look for Less: Bamboo Tables

I spotted these tables on Craigslist (where else) the other day and while I’m (likely) not going to snag them myself due to space (I’ve gotta stop somewhere…), I was thinking about what an easy DIY project they’d make!


Ok, obviously they’re not in great condition…but look at that bamboo shape! These would be super easy to spray paint and bring to life with minimal effort. I personally would likely paint them white, but they’d also look amazing in a bright green or another fun, peppy color.

I was doing some Googling and realized that there are lookalike (ish) versions of these tables that sell for $$$ (if you ever want to find the real “value” of something you snag on Craigslist, just go to Chairish and your mind will be blown, haha). I mean, look how similar the below tables are to these, and yet they retail for over $700.


No, the ones on Craigslist don’t have the cool fretwork or the lower tray, but I’m sure they’d look just as cute with a new coat.

Would you take on this project or leave it for someone else? There are some times when I feel totally motivated to take on a DIY, but other times I’d rather just wait around for the completed product (although these would be so, so simple to refurbish!).

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