A Weekend in Savannah


I’m back in DC after a fun, quick trip down South to Savannah! It was a blast spending a few days away from my normal routine and catching up with two of my close college girlfriends. Since we’re spread out all over the country (one lives in NYC and the other is in Madison, Wisconsin), it was nice to have a designated trip planned to ensure we could all see each other. Last year, our group got to catch up a lot more due to a couple of close friends’ weddings!

We picked Savannah due to its proximity (my Madison-based friend travels for work and is up and down the East Coast a lot) and the fact that none of us had been there before. It’s a quaint, relaxing Southern city and was definitely smaller than I realized. We were able to cover a lot of ground in the 2.5 days we were there, which was nice because we didn’t feel as if we had to skip anything major due to the short nature of our trip.

Our Airbnb was on West Jones Street in the Historic District, which I found to be the perfect spot! It reminded me a bit of Georgetown and was full of quintessential Southern houses. Plus, the Historic District was pretty near most of the things we wanted to do downtown, and nothing was more than 20 minutes away by foot (we only Ubered once to see the Bonaventure Cemetery, which was out of town a bit). As a result, we covered TONS of ground on foot both days–we walked over 20,000 steps on both Thursday and Friday and spent some time walking around Forsyth Park on Saturday morning before heading to the airport…thank goodness we got our exercise, because it felt like 90 percent of the trip was eating and drinking!


Speaking of eating and drinking…On Thursday, we had lunch at the Olde Pink House (a highly recommended spot) after doing a bit of exploring at the Paris Market (which was adorable–I had to grab a macaron!) and the other cute shops in downtown Savannah. In the afternoon, we grabbed slushy drinks at Wet Willie’s and walked around a bit before going back to our Airbnb, relaxing, and changing for dinner/happy hour before our ghost tour. I think I’d heard about Savannah’s open container laws before, but it totally slipped my mind until we got there. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise, because it was actually super nice being able to “bar hop” during the day and stroll around town with drinks in hand. Our ghost tour didn’t start until 9 pm (we arrived with beer in tow), so we had lots of time to kill and tried out a fun bar as well as the Little Duck Diner, another spot that I was told was a must!


I’ve become a big fan of ghost tours in recent years, and this one did not disappoint! It’s funny because these used to really not be my thing, so I didn’t even go on one when I studied abroad in Edinburgh! I’m glad I’ve changed my mind since, because they’re actually a really neat way to learn more about a city’s history. We were told that Savannah is thought to be the most haunted city in the US, so the $30 tour was definitely worth it.

On Friday morning, we had brunch at the Ordinary Pub, visited the Bonaventure cemetery, and then walked around the downtown area of Savannah again, stopping for ice cream at Leopold’s, which was delish! Then, we did what was probably one of my favorite things of the trip (don’t judge…), a pedal pub ride! I had never done one of these before and while they’re very bachelorette party-esque, we still had fun doing one as a group of three and meeting some other tourists (there was even a couple in their 70s on ours!). We all had a blast hopping from bar to bar and talking with our tour guide, and it was a great way to see more of the city (although by that point, we’d already felt like we’d passed everywhere multiple times).


We were exhausted in the evening and ended up going out for a late dinner and spending time relaxing in the Airbnb before getting an early start on Saturday morning in order to explore Forsyth Park and grab breakfast before catching our flights home. While we felt like our trip was pretty short, we honestly probably wouldn’t have needed another day to do anything else (aside from eat more!) since we had managed to check almost everything off of our must-see list.

Have you been to Savannah?

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