How to Set Yourself Up for a Good Week

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Happy Friday! Who’s watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I don’t know how early I’ll be getting up, but I definitely hope I to tune in a bit. Then it’s off to a bridal shower and a little get together…I feel like my weekends are always either jam-packed or wide open! This week has been busy at work since it’s graduation time, but it’s been super exciting watching everything unfold. I hope your week has been a good one!

Bookmark this post for Sunday evening….In addition to the basics (doing errands/laundry, tidying up the house, sorting through bills and random mail/packages), these are a few of my favorite things to do to prep for the week.

Do a Sunday workout. As much as I always just want to lie in bed on Sunday afternoons, I really love my Sunday workouts because they kick the week off in such a positive, productive manner. I know Sunday is a common day to take off from the gym, but I’d much rather skip Friday/Saturday (when I’m most tired and busier). I sometimes take a spin class in the early afternoon and enjoy getting my exercise out of the way if I have afternoon/evening plans, but I also really like my 7 pm end of day Sunday workouts at the gym. By that time, it’s usually pretty empty, making for a peaceful experience, and it’s late enough in the day that I’ve gotten most of my must-dos out of the way, so I can go home and make dinner, prep for the week, and read a bit in bed for an hour or so. I sometimes joke that I really waited until the last possible moment to cram in exercise (especially because my gym closes at 8), but as the saying goes, better late than never!


Try a new healthy recipe. I just ordered this blender off Amazon and it’s so easy to use and clean (I previously owned a blender that was basically impossible to wash out all the way, ick!). I’ll admit I’m not great at meal prep, but I had a friend in New York who would devote her entire Sunday afternoon each week to making sure all of her lunches and dinners were ready to go. I feel like usually by Sunday afternoon I’m ready to detox from “weekend eating” and am eager to make something that’s tasty but not totally awful for me!

Read something for fun. Oftentimes during the week I’m too busy or tired to just sit down and read at night (though I’m really making this more of an effort!). I love to either read a few chapters of a book (or a whole one), catch up on blogs, scroll through Buzzfeed, whatever…doing a bit of non-work reading is still better than binging on TV all day (though sometimes that’s totally what the doctor ordered!).

Set out (or mentally brainstorm) outfits for the week. I used to religiously do this when I was younger, and now I like to have a few options set out in my closet prior to the start of the week. If I have a big event (like some of the graduation festivities I attended last week), I want to have options in mind prior to the day of, as there’s nothing worse than trying things on and realizing they just don’t work for the occasion. If I haven’t worn a particular piece of clothing in awhile, I’ll do a little try on to make sure it still looks the way I want it to and is appropriate for the specific event I have that week (not too long, too short, too see-through, etc). Little steps like these help you avoid the “I have nothing to wear” feeling, big time!

How else do you prep for the week ahead? I love getting glimpses into other people’s routines–anyone else feel the same way?

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