5 Things I Love About Living in DC


Happy spring from DC! It got so, so hot when I was out and about on Sunday that I began to dread summer in this city…but at least in the mornings it’s nice and cool, which makes walking to work extra nice.

It’s funny because on my walk to work I pass a few of the places where I used to sit and hang out before going to my internship the summer after my freshman year of college. My dad works downtown and I was living at home, of course, so we would drive in together and he would drop me off right by the Corner Bakery on 19th and L…which I now pass every day! It’s so funny to think that back when I was 18 I had zero idea that several years down the line, I’d be working full-time right in that same neighborhood! A few things have changed about the area, but others are 100 percent the same, although I definitely have a MUCH better sense of my whereabouts now (even though I grew up about 15 minutes away from the city, downtown DC always seemed sort of confusing and foreign!).

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While NYC will always have a special place in my heart, I absolutely love living back in my “hometown” and wanted to share 5 reasons why I love DC (even as someone who doesn’t work on the Hill or have plans to run for office one day!).

  1. The diversity. I love living in a city with such a broad mix of people from different places and backgrounds. DC is truly a city full of transplants–whenever people learn I’m a native, they’re shocked! I feel like most of my friends here came from all over, whether they moved here for college, right after college, or even more recently than that.
  2. Being close to home. I weirdly never made it home that much my first year back–when I was living alone and in Georgetown, I liked to just have my family over at my apartment or meet them at a restaurant. However, now that I can easily hop on the red line, I’ve been going home a lot more and truly appreciate it–it’s so nice to escape reality and spend time with my parents a few weekends a month!
  3. The “touristy” element. Even though I’ve lived in this area for over 20 years, I’m still always amazed when I pass the Washington Monument or realize how close I live to the White House. It’s fun to sometimes try to see the city through a tourist’s eyes and remember what a cool place it is to live! I also love that because it is a touristy spot, people are visiting all the time, making it easy to catch up with college friends or other people I know who are coming down for a quick weekend trip.
  4. The entertainment. I’ve seen so many interesting shows and speakers in DC–Mari Andrew’s talk at Sixth & I was so uplifting and fun, and I’m going back there to see Dan Pfeiffer of Pod Save America in July. There is always something to do here and entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive, either!
  5. The location. I love being between the North and the South–it makes it easy to travel to several different places, and there’s an interesting mix of different regions at play. I definitely appreciate how easy it is to travel up to NYC for a weekend but also how close we are to places like the Outer Banks, the wineries in VA (most of which are still on my list), and the like.

What are your favorite parts about your city?

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