A Trick for Keeping Track of People You Meet


I’ll take a quick second to note that I’m actually really good (like, scarily so…) at remembering people/conversations (so much so that my friends often rely on me to recount their own interactions–and I could probably tell you what I was wearing at the time, too!). But when you work in a people-centric field and exchange business cards at various events and meetings, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. While going through my wallet the other day and looking at the various business cards I had collected over the prior couple of weeks, I decided to implement a (very low-tech) system: writing where I’d met the person on the back of each card. I now have details such as “plane to Boston” or “winery event” at the ready, just in case I need to reach out to that individual in a couple of months (or hear from them) and can’t place them right away, which often happens via email.

I like to always keep a few business cards in my wallet at all times and have been more comfortable with giving them out in less traditional circumstances, like to a seatmate on the plane (this was relevant based on our conversation). However, it’s funny to me that in such a digital age, we still rely so much on paper cards. I wonder if it’ll all change in the coming decades!


Do you have any tips for remembering names/details? Sometimes I’ll also take a picture of someone’s business card if I don’t want to worry about losing their info while on a trip or if I don’t have a good place to put it at the time. My mom actually does this with address cards–that way, she always has relatives’ contact info readily available (and I should really do this, too, so that I’m not constantly searching through old emails when it’s time to send a thank you note in the mail).

I’d love to hear your tips for staying organized on (and off) the job!

Photos by Heather Bien

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