Happy, happy Friday! Weirdly enough, I’ve been away for the past two weekends (and will be away next weekend for a wedding), so I’m looking forward to some time relaxing at home and taking advantage of summertime DC things. I had my five year college reunion the first weekend of June and had a blast–some things never change–and was in NYC for a work trip last Thursday and decided to make it into a weekend visit.


NYC was chaotic and sweaty but a blast as usual! I ate way too much ByChloe (when are they going to open one up in DC?!), caught up with several friends, ate dinner at Bar Primi, saw Mean Girls on Broadway (it was SO good!), visited my favorite little used bookstore, and more. All in all, it was a solid weekend! I’m glad that I opted to come back late Saturday night instead of on Sunday–NYC can be exhausting, so it was nice to have a day to catch up on stuff at home and visit my family for Father’s Day, too.

A few things I’ve been doing/trying this week…

Ocean’s 8: I haven’t seen any of the other Ocean’s movies but knew I wanted to see this one regardless. It was so good!  All of the actresses were amazing, and the movie was equally hilarious and riveting. Everyone in the theater loved it! I actually went by myself and now I’m totally obsessed. I’d go to movies alone sometimes when I first moved to Philly and didn’t know anyone, but I don’t see movies that often in general, so I haven’t gone solo in awhile. Pro tip- AMC theaters offer $5 (plus tax) tickets on Tuesdays, and you can also buy popcorn and a drink for $5, which is such a good deal compared to the normal prices. The theater in Georgetown also had the most comfortable seats that reclined and had footrests. For $12ish, it was the perfect midweek activity/distraction!


Matcha soft serve: I’m not a huge matcha fan but wanted to try the soft serve at Bon Matcha (which is right near my office) anyway. I didn’t love it (although the swirl that I got had a delicious honeydew flavor) but am glad I tried it–it was still refreshing and obviously looked cool (#sorrynotsorry). I’ve been to Cha Cha Matcha in NYC a few times but generally get their lemonade drinks…matcha just isn’t my thing, but if you like it, definitely check this place out in DC!

Shipt: I decided to try ordering groceries on Shipt, which is Target’s food delivery service. I actually really like a lot of Target’s grocery items, which are also super affordable. While I don’t have a need to have things delivered to my apartment, I stumbled upon a promo code that allowed for two free weeks of the service and free delivery, so I figured I may as well try it (not having to lug stuff around in an Uber was a bonus, too!). Unfortunately, my delivery arrived super late (I requested for it to come between 10 and 11 pm on Sunday night, and the delivery person didn’t arrive until 11:55, which was WAY later than I intended to be awake, especially before the start of the week). She also texted me throughout the shopping trip keeping me posted on which items weren’t in stock and suggesting alternatives. This was definitely helpful, but I was glad that I chose a time that I was awake and at home as opposed to in a situation where I couldn’t have been texting, like if I were sitting in a meeting or at dinner. I ended up emailing the company the next day to complain about the late arrival time–I hate to do stuff like that, but I was pretty frustrated that I ended up being awake for practically an hour later than I intended to be (and I’m almost never up past 11:15 during the week in general!). They gave me a $15 off coupon for a future delivery, which I used later in the week, but that arrived late as well and ended up being a bit of a hassle…all in all, Shipt is a useful enough service if you can be flexible and by your phone, but it doesn’t make sense for me in the long run.


Craigslisting: It wouldn’t be a DC to a T post without sharing a fun Craigslist find! A ton of people excitedly messaged me on Instagram after I posted a story sharing this gorgeous lucite table I snagged for only $25 last Sunday (I’m glad you guys appreciate my fun finds!). I did have to travel a bit further than usual (into Alexandria) to pick it up, but it was so worth it. The seller was the cutest older woman who told me that she had owned the table for 10 years (it looks flawless, though, which is especially remarkable with lucite), and purchased it for $599! Talk about a steal on my end–though transporting it up the stairs to our first floor was a two-person job, and there was absolutely NO way I would be able to bring it up to my room, which was my original intention. However, it works as a great console in our living room area and is a great quality piece that I’m sure I’ll keep for years to come. I’m still working on the styling, but you get the idea.

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