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I always love when other bloggers share their recent purchases–I’ve discovered so many fun new brands by reading other blogs, and I love taking a peek into other people’s shopping carts. I’ve been trying to curtail my shopping big time, but I still picked up a few things:

  • This travel tote. I had only first heard about the Lo and Sons brand just a few weeks ago, but everyone I’ve talked to since discovering it has had RAVE reviews. Since I love a good weekender bag (and this one was on sale for $84), I figured I would see what the fuss was all about. Unfortunately it arrived the afternoon after I left for a five day trip, but I’ll definitely be using it for other travel later this summer and will report back with a full review after that! I picked the gray and am hoping it doesn’t get too dirty.
  • This print. I purchased my first Vintage Barbie and Ken print a couple of years ago (pictured above) and had been wanting another one for awhile but just couldn’t decide which to get (this one was a runner-up)! However, this one was calling my name a few weeks ago (you know I love anything that’s a little bit sassy/ironic) and I had to place an order. Since framing can be so expensive, I searched for an affordable white 13 by 19 frame–which is a less common size as it is–and really lucked out when I found this one on Target.com for only $14.99 plus shipping. Talk about a score!
  • This round straw bag. I had first noticed this bag on Kate’s blog and thought it would be way more expensive than it actually was (it’s $17.90; I would have guessed $170!). However, when I first discovered it, it was already sold out on Forever21.com. I checked back on it every now and then, and the other day, I noticed it was back up and for sale. I’m excited to use it this summer, and it looks pretty roomy!
  • Water shoes. Ok, this isn’t really a “fun” purchase, but I picked a pair of these up on Amazon Prime because I recently bought a Groupon for a Splash Cycle class! A friend had told me about Splash Cycle last summer–it’s basically SoulCycle in a pool–and it sounded like so much fun. I’m not sure when I’ll take my class (the voucher is good through the end of August), but I’m going to try to save the credit for a really hot Saturday or Sunday when I want to get a workout in but just can’t fathom going to the gym. (I’ll definitely do a post after I try the class). I read online that the studio does provide water shoes, and while I’m not normally too much of a germaphobe with those kinds of things, I figured I would order a $7 pair just to 1) feel a bit cleaner and 2) have on hand for the future. If only real spin shoes were so affordable; I hate paying those rental fees every time I take a spin class!
  • These hair ties. I ordered these on Prime when I purchased the water shoes (side note: I actually chose not to renew my Prime membership in May after three years, because I wanted to cut out some unnecessary/impulse spending–and we all know Prime can be a huge trap because it makes it so easy to order things on a whim!). However, I did take advantage of a one-week free trial in June, though I proudly only placed this one order. I’ve been wearing hair ties like these for several months, but I think this is the “original” brand and I wanted to try them out. Sure, they’re a bit bulky to wear on your wrist, but the whole no-crease thing is definitely a plus.

What have you snagged lately?

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