On Changing Plans


Does anyone else really struggle with plans changing at the last minute? I’m notoriously bad at dealing with ambiguity or having plans get changed, rescheduled, and/or cancelled—and this happened to me not just once but a couple of times this past weekend. And I’m not shy about conveying my frustration and disappointment to whoever is around me, either. Of course, to many people, last minute changes are no big deal—most people aren’t as into planning ahead and can go with the flow a bit more, but this has never been my strength! Once something is in my head, it better be happening!

I’ve found that I can better deal with change when I have a few back up activities tucked away (like how parents always have emergency toys on hand for their cranky kids, ha!)—things I’ve been wanting to or meaning to do but don’t get to enjoy all the time. So when my friend’s visit to town didn’t happen this past weekend, I was obviously bummed but tried to make room for fun alternatives—I took a few exercise classes, visited a bakery that I’ve been meaning to try, and made my way through several books (the rainy weather helped!).


Of course, I can’t necessarily afford to drop $30 on a workout class every time something fun gets cancelled, but I felt a little more justified doing so knowing that I had already planned to spend money on dinners and drinks out with my friend. Reading on my bed while listening to the rain fall was entirely free but super rejuvenating—while I read all the time, I rarely finish a book in one sitting because it seems like there’s always something I have to go and do.

How do you deal with last minute changes to your routine? I think this is an area in which I’ll always struggle, and I don’t think it’s fair to tell myself I can’t get my hopes up for things—because often they will work out—but I’d love to not feel so helpless every time something doesn’t go as scheduled! I’d love to hear your tips!

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